No NPPD Retail Rate Increase For 10th Straight Year

    The Nebraska Public Power District board this week voted for the 10th straight year not to increase rates for retail customers. 

    Wholesale customers will have their 6th straight year with no overall rate increase, and they’ll also share in a $34-million dollar Production Cost Adjustment credit for the 5th consecutive year. 

      NPPD President and CEO Tom Kent says the board is thrilled that “In a time where inflation has impacted a lot of areas in our day-to-day lives, NPPD’s rates are one expense our customers have seen remain steady.” 

     Kent says the utility has been able to perform well in the market because of “the diversity of our generation mix and the great performance of our people and plants.” 

    He adds that the market success “results in direct benefits to wholesale and retail customers, through continued low rates, PCA credits and reinvestments in our infrastructure and equipment.”

     NPPD benchmarks its wholesale rate with roughly 800 members of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation on a yearly basis and has an ongoing goal of its rates being lower than 75% of those members.

      Kent says they met that goal the last 2 years, finishing at the 23.2-percentile mark in 2020 and 12.4-percentile – lower than 88% of all the Cooperative members, ranking it amongst the lowest-cost utilities in the benchmark.

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