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Not Again! State Confuses Dawson And Dawes County COVID-19 Case

SCOTTSBLUFF – For the second time in less than a week and fourth in less than a month, the Nebraska Dept of Health and Human Services has apparently listed a positive COVID-19 case from Dawson County as being from Dawes County.

Panhandle COVID-19 Unified Command says Tuesday’s state map and report show 2 positive cases in Dawes County, but that the report from the state lab did not include a second case. The 3 previous instances were all found to be coding errors for the counties.

Unified Command says 164 Dawes County residents have been tested for the disease with 1 positive case. Across the Panhandle, there have been 86 confirmed cases out of 2,085 cases but with ony 23 currently active.

Health and Human Services last night reported the total number of positive cases identified in the state is 10,846 out of 72,333 people tested. The disease has claimed 132 lives with 7 more reported yesterday, including 5 residents at a long-term care facility in Omaha.

Long-term care facilities such as nursing homes are among the hardest-hit venues in Nebraska, responsible for at least 62 COVID-19 deaths. 89 long-term facilities have reported cases of the virus among residents, employees or both.

The state’s hospitals report that 44% of their beds, 38% of their intensive care unit beds and 78% of their ventilators are available for use if needed.