NSP Issues Over 1,700 Speeding Tickets During Special 3-Week Initiative

  The Nebraska State Patrol says its 3-week Stop Speeding Before It Stops You campaign saw troopers issue more than 1,700 speeding citations across the state.

That total included 72 drivers going over 100 mph and 364 cited for driving 90-to-99 mph.

   Stop Speeding Before It Stops You was a national campaign with hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the country participating with increased enforcement and awareness around the issue of speeding.

     In Nebraska, it was made possible in part by a $20,000 grant from the Nebraska Dept of Transportation – Highway Safety Office to help cover the costs of overtime.

      In addition to the speeding citations, troopers made 69 arrests for impaired driving and issued 129 citations for driving under suspension, 78 for no proof of insurance, and 43 for no seat belt.

     There were also 38 citations for open alcohol container, 25 for minor in possession, and 16 for improper child restraint with troopers also assisting more than 1,100 motorists in need of help on Nebraska roads during the campaign. 

     Nebraska State Patrol Supt Colonel John Bolduc is reminding drivers to continue to watch their speed with schools back in session across most of the state and summer vacations coming to a close for many others.”

      Bolduc says “Whether traveling on the interstate or in a school zone, it’s critical to watch your speed to keep others and yourself safe.” 

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  1. Yeah, the State played the people well. They turned their $20,000 investment to well over $60,000-80,000 depending on how things play out in court.

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