Omaha House Explosion/Fire Kills 2 Day After Owner Got Protection Order Against Grandson

Omaha authorities say an early morning explosion and house fire Tuesday left 2 people dead and 2 hospitalized in critical condition.

Initial stories listed only one death and 2 hospitalizations.

       Killed were the homeowner, 74-year old Theresa Toledo, and her 45-year old daughter Angela Miller. Injured were her 28-year old grandson Alex and 72-year old Larry Rodrigues, who also lived there. 

       Court records show that Theresa Toledo had filed a domestic abuse protection order against her grandson on Monday, asking that he be removed from the property.

         In her filing, she said Alex was on meth and mushrooms, talks to himself, and hears his late stepfather in his head. She wrote “I need Alex out of my house now before he destroys my house or harms me. The drugs make him crazy.”