Panhandle Transitioning From Own Vaccine Registration To State System

      Panhandle Public Health District Director Kim Engel says the Panhandle’s COVID-19 vaccine registration system is transitioning to the state system, which began less than 2 weeks ago at

     Engel says moving eventually to just the state registration system will make it easier for the local vaccine providers to have the information ready to input into the state tracking system when individuals receive their vaccines.

      Engel says health officials across the Panhandle are encouraging all residents over 18 who have not yet registered to so, especially those identified as critical essential employees. Vaccination is optional, but strongly recommended. 

       Anyone needing help to register can still do so through the website or by calling the Panhandle Public Health District.    

      Everyone of any age who has already registered through the PPHD remains on the list and does not need to re-register on the state list. They will be contacted to set up appointments for inoculations when vaccine is available in their local area.

     7,090 or 8.1% of Panhandle residents had received the COVID vaccine as of Monday, but it will be several more weeks before all healthcare personnel, long-term care, and those 65 and older are vaccinated and the general public can start.