Pauline “Gina” Spotted War Bonnet

Funeral services for Pauline “Gina” Spotted War Bonnet are Sat, Dec 19, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the St. Francis Community Building in St. Francis, SD, with Father Jim LaFontaine, S.J, officiating and traditional Lakota services by Henry Quick Bear Sr, Adam Little Elk, and Ronnie Cutt with Wapaha Gleska Čan Čega as the Drum Group.

Burial services are at St Charles Catholic Cemetery in St. Francis

A one-night wake service starts Friday, Dec 18, 2020. A procession will meet at the Bennett County Line at 10:00 AM, CT, and make its way to the St. Francis Community Building for the wake starting at 11:00. 

Pauline “Gina” Spotted War Bonnet “Wapaha Gleska Win” was born in Rosebud SD, she was the youngest child of Mark & Nida (Four Horns) Spotted War Bonnet. Gina made her journey to the Spirit World on December 15, 2020 in Sioux Falls, SD.  

Gina lived in St Francis all her life and graduated from St Francis Indian School in 1985. 

Gina helped nurture and raise all the takoja in the Wapaha Gleska Tiospaye; love was always a vibrant energy flowing throughout our household.  She was one of the kindest women that we have ever known.  We all loved her and there was no doubt in our minds that she absolutely loved and adored us as well.  

It was Gramma Gina who comforted us, it was Gramma Gina who fed us, cleaned, and dressed us, our Gramma Gina with her gentleness and care.  We will forever be grateful for our time on earth with her, and she will always be the eternal inspiration in each of our lives.  

We were blessed to call her gramma bunz. As a family we are heartbroken, but we are already feeling the love and prayers from all of the people she impacted and we will honor and celebrate her life. 

Gina is survived by her siblings, Roy Spotted War Bonnet and Darlene Big Crow.

Gina was preceded in death by her parents, Mark and Nida (Four Horns) Spotted War Bonnet; siblings, Gloria Left Hand Bull, Effie Spotted War Bonnet, Tim Spotted War Bonnet, Bernice Night Shield, Patrick Spotted War Bonnet, Pete Spotted War Bonnet, and Marie Spotted War Bonnet.  

Pallbearers will be Roy Spotted War Bonnet, Vincent Leal, Travis Spotted War Bonnet, Tristan First, Jose Jimenez, Jr., Misun Big Crow, David Dominquez, Bert Kills In Water, and Nathaniel Spotted War Bonnet.

Honorary pallbearers will be Roy Stone Sundance Hocoka, Ira High Pipe, Travis High Pipe & Abeleen Stone, Chris Horvath, Nora Antoine, Mary Waln, Krista Horvath, Sarah Logan, Beez Waln, Letticia Spotted War Bonnet, Lori Smith, Weldon Poor Bear, Gary Little Thunder, Wanda & Leo McCaulay, Christa & Candace Metcalf. SFIS High School Classmates, SF Hometown Neighbors, childhood friends, all her nieces, nephews, grandkids & great grandkids. Rosie Leal, Daisy Wright, Ruthie Black Wolf, Maxine Grover, Ruby Munger, Mary Melendez, Sylvia Marshall, Cynthia Bear Robe, Beverly Two Strike, Rocky Shaw, Jolene Red Crow, Sherry Shaw, Sister-in-Law Sonya Spotted War Bonnet & everyone whoever said kind words and gave big hugs; and special honorary pallbearers, Beverly White Buffalo & Family, Robby Mohatt & Family, and Karen Kaulay & Family.