Beefwatch Webinar Series


02/02/2021 7:00 pm


The BeefWatch Webinar Series is designed to highlight management strategies in grazing, nutrition, reproduction, and economics to increase cow/calf and stocker production efficiency and profitability. Each session will feature industry experts and plenty of opportunity to interact to get your questions answered. More information about the BeefWatch Webinar Series can be found on our webpage:

Each webinar will begin at 8:00 PM Central Time. Dates are February 2, 9, 16 and 23. 

The focus for this month’s webinar series is “Stocker and Yearling Management” with the following speakers and topics: 

  • February 2, Highlights from UNL Stocker Systems Research
    • Dr. Jim MacDonald, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • When, what, and how much should you supplement stockers? Jim will discuss some of the UNL research related to management systems and supplementation of stockers/yearlings.  Register here.
  • February 9, Winter Rate of Gain and Market Timing in Yearling Systems 
    • Drs. Mary Drewnoski and Jay Parsons, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    • What winter rate of gain should you target and when is the best time to sell yearlings? Mary and Jay will discuss the economics of winter rate of gain and timing of marketing based on a look at the last 18 years of market data. Register here.
  • February 16, Using Corn Residue for High-Risk Stockers: Current Experiences

o   Dr. Halden Clark, Great Plains Veterinary Education Center

o   Halden will discuss experiences with a 2-year pilot project grazing corn residue with high-risk stocker calves.  Register here.

  • February 23, How to use Stockers as a Drought Management Tool

o   Logan Pribbeno, Wine Glass Ranch

o   This talk will focus on a producer’s perspective. Logan will talk about how stockers can fit into a system with cow-calf and how you can use stockers as a drought management tool. Register here.

There is no cost to participate in this webinar series.  


Erin Laborie, Beef Systems Extension Educator, 308-268-3105,

Brent Plugge, Beef Systems Extension Educator, 308-236-1235,

Halden Clark, Health Stewardship Veterinarian, 402-762-4504,

Dr. Kacie McCarthy, Beef Cow-Calf Specialist, 402-472-6074,

Dr. Mary Drewnoski, Beef Systems Specialist, 402-472-6289,

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