Pennington County Offices Going To 4-Day Week


    The Pennington County Commissioners have approved a 4-day work week for the Administration Building with employees working 10 hours a day Monday-Thursday and the building closed on Fridays. 

     Human Resources brought the proposal to the commissioners, saying the 4-day week would offer a better life-work balance while helping with retention and recruitment of employees.

     Head of Human Resources Jon Morrill told the board that an employee who is happy with their work environment and feels that they are productive. Listened to, and respected tend to stay with that employer. 

     The county treasurer’s office also backed the shorter week, saying they needed it to attract more workers to the overburdened department.

     Other Pennington County departments expressed skepticism about the change, largely because it being open just 4 days would make it more difficult for the public.

     Although the commissioners approved the 4-day week on a 3-1 vote, they also included a requirement for reports after 3 and 6 months on how workers, department heads, and the public feel about it.