Plans Unveiled For Regional Beef Plant In North Platte

      Plans have been unveiled for a nearly $300-million regional beef packing plant in North Platte.  

         WESTCO CEO David Briggs is also CEO of the new packing company, Sustainable Beef LLC, and says the plant will process 400,000 head of cattle a year with 875 employees. 

           Five former top beef plant employees of Cargill are among Sustainable Beef’s backers and advisers, but McPherson County rancher Rusty Kemp, a Sustainable Beef co-organizer, says they’re not looking to take on the “Big Four” packers. 

        Instead, Kemp says they want to fill the need created by the August 2019 fire that disabled a major beef plant in Kansas and amplified by last spring’s pandemic-related supply shortages

       Briggs says as it is, the small regional Sustainable Beef plant would be one of the largest built in the U.S. in half a century. While aimed regionally, about 30% of its production would be sold internationally.