Plea Deal Drops Nearly All Charges From Mount Rushmore Trump Protest

       Lakota activist Nick Tilsen, arrested while leading a protest before then-President Donald Trump’s visit to Mount Rushmore last year, says he has negotiated with prosecutors to drop charges against him and nearly twenty other protesters. 

      Tilsen, President and CEO of the NDN Collective indigenous organization, had faced up to 17 years in prison for a combination of misdemeanors and felonies.

      Under the deal with prosecutors, he will participate in a prison diversion program in exchange for all but one charge against him being dropped. 

       Tilsen calls it “a direct result of the Movement showing up and standing up for all the Land Defenders who took a stand on July 3.

       He says “tens of thousands organized, called, donated to our legal and bail fund, and signed the petitions to drop these charges,’ providing what he calls “invaluable support.”