Possibly Censure Of Democratic State Senator By Party Activists On Hold


     The Nebraska Democratic Party Central Committee was expected to act on a censure resolution against State Senator Mike McDonnell of Omaha at its quarterly meeting Saturday in Scottsbluff, but there weren’t enough members for a quorum.

       Three progressive groups in the party – the Stonewall Democrats LGBTQ caucus, Secular Democrats, and Nebraska Young Democrats – want McDonnell reprimanded because he voted on the last day of this year’s session for LB 574, which bans most abortions after 12 weeks and most gender-affirming medical treatments for minors.

     The progressives also want McDonnell cut off from all party resources, immediately and indefinitely, because his vote went against the “very core of our values as Democrats.”

. In a letter to the state party, McDonnell said he is a Christian, a lifelong member of the Roman Catholic Church, and a registered Democrat since 1984 who ran as a publicly anti-abortion candidate in both 2016 and 2020.

     He wrote the proposed censure and admonishment were sought because he is pro-life, and that he is not going to change his “informed conscience and religious beliefs” because of them. 

     McDonnell later told the Nebraska Examiner he plans to sit down and talk with state party chair Jane Kleeb and Douglas County party chair CJ King, and hopes they allow him to speak to county and state party leaders at future meetings.

    The Nebraska Legislature is officially nonpartisan, but 32 members are registered Republicans along with 16 Democrats and one independent progressive. Chairman Kleeb says the party’s goal is to elect 20 Democrats and independents next year.

     McDonnell is term-limited next year and has confirmed he is considering a run for Omaha mayor in 2025. 

5 thoughts on “Possibly Censure Of Democratic State Senator By Party Activists On Hold”

  1. Evil doesn’t become good just because a number of people support it. Abortion stops a beating heart. Children need love and acceptance not drugs and surgeries to change their gender. These practices are life altering and permanently affect not only the physical body but the brain. One thing it cannot do is change DNA. Your DNA is all telling. Anyone fighting for good is a healthy choice. Keep up the good work. I am a registered Independent since 2008. The dark path the Democrats are heading down will leave this country soulless and lifeless. I want no part of that

  2. Well said! I support your statement. I wish more people felt the same way. It’s a very scary world. I’m glad that I am old, but I feel very sorry for those who are much younger and eat up this odd stuff.

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