Prison Walk-Away Recaptured In Scottsbluff


       A Nebraska prison inmate from Scottsbluff County who walked away from a work assignment in Lincoln last month has been captured in his home county.

45-year old John Nereson was taken into custody Thursday afternoon in Scottsbluff in an abandoned trailer.

      Officers responding to a report of an unauthorized man staying in the trailer found Nereson and arrested him about 3:45 pm. 

       Nereson had been sentenced earlier this year to 8-to-12-years in prison for assault on an officer using a motor vehicle, felony use of a deadly weapon, operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest, 5th offense drunk driving, and driving while revoked. 

       Just 6 days after arriving at the Lincoln Community Corrections Center, Nereson failed to show up for his work assignment Feb 24 and had remained at large. He will now face felony escape charges.