PSC Holding Follow-Up Hearing On Service Complaints About CenturyLink Wireline

The Nebraska Public Service Commission will hold a second hearing in Oshkosh later this month on service quality complaints made by customers of CenturyLink. The Aug 19th hearing starts at noon at the Oshkosh Auditorium.

The PSC held a hearing in Oshkosh in April on the complaints by CenturyLink subscribers in the Oshkosh, Lewellen, and Chappell telephone exchanges about their issues with the company landline or wireline service.

A dozen customers testified and presented exhibits with CenturyLink also testifying. At the end, the company committed to working with its customers and the PCS to resolve the service quality issues.

Commission Chair Mary Ridder says the Oshkosh hearing will help determine if some or all the issues have been resolved and whether any new problems with the quality of service have arisen.

Ridder says one of the goals of the hearing is to ensure CenturyLink customers that their concerns have been answered and that a plan will be put in place to resolve any of the problems that may still exist.