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Rachel Lip-Mesteth

Funeral services for 63-year old Rachel (Pute) Lip-Mesteth are Friday, Sept 10, 2021 at the Rachel Mesteth residence in the lower housing in Manderson, SD, with traditional Lakota services by Mr Mike Catches and Mr Mike Little Boy

Burial will be at the Gethsemane Episcopal Cemetery in Wanblee, SD.

A two-night wake starts Wednesday, September 8, at noon, also at the Rachel Mesteth residence in Manderson.

Rachel Sandra (Pute) Lip-Mesteth “Ohitika Wakan Winyan” ~Holy Brave Woman~ was born on November 3, 1957 in Wanblee, SD to Owen Lip and Eva Little Hoop. Rachel made her journey to the Spirit World on August 30, 2021 at the IHS Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD.

Rachel is survived by her mother, Charlene Featherman; daughters, Irene Jumping Eagle, Feather (Frank) LeBeaux, Heather (Jake) Iron Cloud, Jacinta (Joey) Lip, Sandra Mesteth, Deshawneigh Iron Cloud, Amisty Two Bulls, and Amber (Robert) Red Eagle; sons, Winston (Hunter) Mesteth, Jr., Gordon Looks Twice, Jr., and George (Lisha) Mesteth; and siblings, Lavonne (Pute) Mesteth, Ann Tobacco, Georgia Pourier, Tedine Pourier, Janet Pourier, Janice Afraid of Hawk, Kym Featherman, Donna Jumping Eagle, Angie Clifford, Thelma Janis, Justin (Marla) Pourier, Ted Pourier, Cheryl White Eyes, Lynn Thunder Bull, Carla Ghost Bear, Brian White Crane, Douglas Standing Bear, Wanda Lip, Coraline Little Hoop, and Myrna White Crane.

Rachel was preceded in death by her Haha sni, Winston Dean Mesteth, Sr.; parents, Owen Lip and Eva Little Hoop and  Eugene & Maggie Pourier; sister, Lori Ann and Tessie LeBeaux; grandfather, William “Grandpa Pute” Lip; nephews, Casey Mesteth, Marquis Mesteth, Jr., Pete Catches, Jr., Paul Catches, Sr., Charles Red Willow, Alan Red Willow and C.O. Pourier; grandchildren, Colton & Cora Lip, and Daze Gotheridge; and Tiny, Clyde, and Marquis “Spud” Mesteth, Sr.

Pallbearers will be Harold Good Voice Flute, Dany Boots Two Bulls, Garf Steele, Jordan Mesteth, Jon Mesteth, Zach Two Bulls, Jake Gothridge, Joey Elk, William Jumping Eagle, Jr., and Memoriam Pallbearer, Casey Mesteth (Nevada Brave).

Honorary pallbearers will be her precious grandchildren, Owen, Cora, Troy, Diamond, Atrau, Jaden, Nevada, Angelina, Riley, Jesse, Eddie, Aubrey, Laney, Billie Joe, Aliza, Myra, Jon, Jordan, Bradley, Yamni, Monique, Deanna, Lisandra, Lariah, Loraine, BooBoo’s, Earl, Hermis, Megan LaDeaux-Red Willow, Baby Girl Steele, Robert Red Eagle, Jr., Marki Mesteth, Natea Pourier, WD Fire Thunder, LJ Looks Twice, and Tyler Clifford, the Red Willow family, Moves Camp family, Quiver family, Iron Crow family, Brave Heart family, Pourier family, White Plume family, LeBeaux family, Weston family, Keester family, Catches family, Tobacco family, Featherman family, Looks Twice family, Janis family, Ghost family, Little Boy family, Steele family, Little Dog family, Shoulders family, Clifford family, Pumpkin Seed family, Watkins family, Yellow Robe family, Chase Alone family, Swain-Steele family, Fast Horse family, Afraid of Hawk family, Rozane family, Sleeping Bear family, Tall family, Linda May & family, Dave Gotheridge, Babette Thin Elk & family, Doree Her Holy Crane, Mike, Abby, Mimi, Marks Demartino, Alberta Yankton & family, Tiny Pourier, Audrey Jumping Eagle, Fire Thunder family, Geneva Lone Hill, Alice Phelps & family, Young Bull Bear family, Monica & Jon Whirlwind Horse & family, Manderson Elderly Meals, Manderson Cap Office, Wounded Knee School District Staff & Students, Little Wound High School Class of 1979, American Indian Movement, and All Friends & Relatives.
Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD

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