Rate Of New COVID Cases Slows In SD, Wyo

      The South Dakota Dept of Health reported 272 new confirmed COVID-19 cases along with 440 recoveries and no deaths on Monday.

That dropped the number of active cases to 12,623 while the number of hospitalizations rose slightly to 441.

       The 272 new cases are the fewest in the past 2 weeks, but still send the state total to  83,986. There have been 77,472 recoveries and 1,259 deaths. 

       The Wyoming Dept of Health reported 392 new confirmed cases and 1,057 recoveries with no deaths, dropping the number of active cases back under 3,000 to 2,447.  

     The total number of cases in Wyoming since the start of the pandemic is now 34,168 with 31,792 recoveries and 321 deaths.