Ravnsborg: “A Difficult And Trying Time For Everyone,” Won’t Resign

     South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has released his first official statement since being charged with 3 misdemeanors in the September traffic death of a pedestrian.

     In it, Ravnsborg says says the last 5 months has been “a difficult and trying time for everyone involved,” and that he doesn’t plan to resign but looks forward to his day in court.

       He also thanked all the people who have and continue to reach out with support and encouragement through emails, calls, letters, and most importantly, prayers – adding that it’s “appreciated more than you will ever know.”

       Prosecutors on Thursday filed charges of careless driving, operating a motor vehicle while using a mobile electronic device, and driving outside his lane in connection with the death of 55-year old Joseph Boever of Highmore

      Governor Kristi Noem texted that while she would not comment on the charges, which combined would bring only 90 days in jail, she was directing the Dept of Public Safety to release additional details of the investigation within the next week. 

      Noem also texted that her “heart goes out” to the Boever family. The governor has been critical of the 5 months it took to decide on charges and often included the impact of the delay on the victim’s family.

      Attorneys for Boever’s widow, Jenny Boever, said in a statement Friday that they will soon file a wrongful death lawsuit against Ravnsborg, partly in the hopes of getting answers to lingering questions about the September crash. 

     Meanwhile, South Dakota Democratic Party Vice Chair Nikki Gronli is calling for Ravnsborg’s resignation, saying everyone must be accountable for their actions and accept responsibility – which for Ravnsborg means showing respect for the victim and his family and resigning as Attorney General

      Gronli is also critical of the charges calling them “a slap on the wrist” and the same level of seriousness as a speeding ticket.