Ravnsborg Alcohol-Free At Time Of Fatal Accident

     South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem and Secretary of Public Safety Craig Price say it will likely be several more weeks before the investigation into the Sept 12 fatal traffic accident in which state Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg hit and killed a pedestrian is complete.

      They did release more information yesterday including the audio and a transcript of Ravnsborg’s 911 call after the accident when he thought he’d hit a deer, toxicology reports that show he had no alcohol in his system, and autopsy results for 55-year old Joseph Boever.

      The official autopsy is ongoing, but the initial cause of death was listed as traumatic injuries — both internal and external. 

       Ravnsborg says he was returning to Pierre from a Republican fundraiser in Redfield when he thought he’d hit a deer on Hwy 14 about 10:30 pm. He stopped, called 911, and searched the area with Hyde County Sheriff Mike Volek, but found nothing.

       He continued home in a borrowed vehicle, then stopped at the accident site while returning the vehicle the next day. It was then he discovered Boever’s body. 

       Secretary Price has been overseeing the investigation by the South Dakota Highway Patrol and the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 

         As for Ravnsborg’s job, Noem said he was not on administrative leave and continues to work. The governor added she “won’t weigh in” on if he should be on paid leave, saying they haven’t communicated and denying stories that she asked the attorney general to step down.