Ravnsborg Won’t Evaluate Use-Of-Force Cases Until His Own Traffic Death Case Is Resolved

     South Dakota Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg has complied with a request from the 4 primary local law enforcement agencies in the state’s two largest cities to refrain from evaluating police use-of-force incidents – at least for now.

      Ravnsborg remains under investigation himself for fatally hitting a man with his car in September, triggering the request from the Rapid City and Sioux Falls police departments and Pennington and Minnehaha County Sheriff’s offices.

     . Pennington County Sheriff Kevin Thom says since the attorney general is under investigation, the agencies “didn’t want any doubt cast on the investigation of an officer-involved shooting.”

       It appears to be the only work duty Ravnsborg has given up since fatally hitting Joe Boever with his car near Highmore on Sept. 12.

      The request not to evaluate use-of-force incidents was supported by the South Dakota police and sheriff associations