Recall Petition Filed Against Dawes County Commissioner Vic Rivera


     A recall petition has been filed against District 2 Dawes County Commissioner Vic Rivera. 

     Petitioner Taylor Wohlers of rural Crawford says Rivera should be removed from office for “mismanagement of operations of District 2, interfering with relationships with present and past employees, and dereliction of duties.

     Rivera, who was uncontested in the general election last year for a third term after defeating Travis Nitsch in the Republican primary, has until August 3rd to resign or submit a statement in his defense.

     If Rivera chooses to fight the recall, Dawes County Clerk Cheryl Feist will have 5 days to prepare recall petitions with both the accusations from Wohlers and Rivera’s defense.

     Wohlers will then have 30 days to gather the signatures of at least 207 registered voters in County Commissioner District 2. That’s 35% of the total Rivera received last November. 

      If Wohlers turns in his petitions, Feist will have 15 days to verify at least 207 of the signatures are from registered voters in District 2. 

     IF there are enough signatures, the county commissioners will set a recall election for no more than 21 days later. The county will be responsible for the costs of the election.

16 thoughts on “Recall Petition Filed Against Dawes County Commissioner Vic Rivera”

  1. Maybe Vic should resign instead of costing the county more money and let someone else make better choices for our county and district 2. Only place you see a grader in district 2 is down on river or south of squaw mound.

  2. We will NOT be signing that petition, Vic Rivera has always been so kind and generous with his time when we have had a chance to visit with him personally. When we have had to take a matter before the Commissioners, he is the one that is the most caring and concerned with our issues.

  3. I’d love to ask his opinion on suing the American legion, I bet deep down he doesn’t care what concerns you have or don’t have you’re just a vote that’s easily swayed with smoke screens.

  4. These accusations are vague at the very least. I reside in district 2 and for one, will not be signing any such petition without proof of wrongdoing. Hearsay abounds in cases like this and it seems very coincidental that now suddenly after our sheriff is forced to resign there is a petition to get rid of a commissioner. Former sheriff Dailey is noted for tactics such as this if he dislikes someone. Don’t believe anything you hear. Find out the actual facts. Vic may be the best friend we have in the commissioner’s office.

  5. Let be known, and beware that if John or his staff at KCSR do not agree with your comment, he or his staff will take it down. Very disipointing that the local news station has their own agenda and will stop at nothing to protect it.

  6. I agree with Vicki, what a great level headed post.
    We had a really bad place on our county road south of Chadron after that horrible weather, we let him know about it and the guys came and touched up the minute they weren’t taking care of worse places.
    Vic should not resign, he has done a good job allowing for the limited funds that the County has for roads.

  7. Vicki I think you should be the very person whom should get the facts straight. Here you are talking about the same assumptions about our Sheriff. HE IS NOT FORCED OUT! He’s retiring because he sacrificed over 30 years of his life to protect people like you and it was time for him to call it quit on his own accord. And in case you didn’t know, he is still the Sheriff of Dawes County. If you want me to define the word “former” it means having previously filled a role. How do you figure when he still in the office? You will never comprehend the integrity this man possess and not “noted for tactics such as this if he dislikes someone.”

  8. If the county assessor was to regularly update property valuations according to market values, there would be more funds for the county commissioners to give to schools, fire departments, and even for road maintenance. But then there would be more property taxes to pay, wouldn’t there? I have seen residential properties go for 50 to 100% more than there were valued for. Just saying…….

    Very disappointed in the comments from those that ask someone to come see their wife and him in the back of the bar and call someone thumb suckers in their mommas basement. Pathetic.

  9. The sheriff has cancer Vicki, and I’m willing to be you live not too far from Vic and you do his haying so of course you’re going to butter his bread.

  10. Here is our agenda:

    1. No Profanity
    2. No Personal Attacks Against Others

    If you are unable to abide by those rules I suggest you find another platform. Your recent comments express no opinion about anything other than the desire to fight with others.

  11. You can do your own research on whether or not a sheriff can remain in office if he’s found guilty of official misconduct. This information is available online. His credentials have to be surrendered. This is a fact. Just do your own research.
    If you want people to take you seriously you really should use your own name when posting.

  12. I am a Chadron resident and I don’t know Vic personally, but I do believe that any person should be afforded the right to fairness. Hearsay and rumors end when they reach the ears of an intelligent person. I hope everyone takes the time to sort out facts from fiction.

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