Retired Hemingford Teacher Feels “Blessed” To Get COVID Vaccine

By Jessica Davies PPHD

Bev Hanks of Hemingford received her COVID vaccine last week and was anxious to get it because of her age and health issues like asthma and heart problems.

As a former educator, she did her homework and made an informed decision. She found out it would be the Moderna vaccine offered locally and that it was long-lasting.

She called to get on the list as a currently eligible population (75+), and says all went well.

“I feel blessed to be able to get it,” Hanks shared. “My arm hurt for a couple of days, but otherwise I have been fine and am looking forward to my follow-up dose in a few weeks.”

“When we have the opportunity to protect us from a virus that can be so deadly, we should take advantage and be proactive,” said Hanks, the widow of former long-time Hemingford School Supt Don Hanks and mother of current Crawford Supt Eugene “Mo” Hanks.

Anyone that lined the halls of Hemingford High School in the late ‘70s through the ‘90s clearly remembers Bev Hanks as their history teacher with affectionate catchphrases such as, “Tuesday @ 10” or “852 things.”

“As a former student of Hanks,” said Jessica Davies, Assistant Health Director with Panhandle Public Health District, “I’m proud to see her and other eligible populations so ready to be leaders in the area in getting their COVID vaccine. This is how we continue getting back to as close to normal life as possible.”

Vaccine reminder: Anyone 75 and older and interested in getting a COVID vaccine, please complete the form at or call 308-262-5764 or 308-633-2866 ext. 101 with your name, date of birth, county, and phone number.

Nearly 2,500 people 75+ have signed up so far! Be sure to help your elderly family, friends, and neighbors get signed up!

This will put them on an aggregated list that is being coordinated with local hospital, healthcare, and vaccine providers, they will be called by a local provider when vaccines are available. It may be several weeks.

To date, 3,761 people in the eligible populations have received the COVID vaccine in the Panhandle. This number will continue to increase with each weekly vaccine allocation to the eligible populations at the corresponding times.