Ricketts To Attend Biden Inauguration Along With 2,300 Neb National Guard Members

 Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts says he’s planning on attending next Wed’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and has talked to Biden’s transition team about it by phone.

     Ricketts says the team also briefed him on Biden’s plans for COVID-19 relief and that he encouraged them to work with the new administration to develop good relationships with the nation’s governors.

      Ricketts says he told them the governors are the ones who do the state management for the local execution of COVID program, so it’s important that they work together to get out of the pandemic by eradicating the virus in our communities.

      Joining Ricketts in Washington next week will be some 230 members of the Nebraska National Guard, who will be among some 21,00 Guard members from around the country beefing up security in the wake of this month’s attack on the Capitol and potential armed threats to halt the inauguration. 

      About 200 of the Nebraska soldiers will be part of the task force assisting civilian law enforcement with security while 30 will provide support services such as food service and communications to the task force.

      Over 100 Wyoming National Guard soldiers and airmen will also be part of the task force. All are going as volunteers, but federal money will cover their costs.