Ruby Weston


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Funeral services for 74-year old Ruby (Red Eyes) Weston are Wednesday, November 3, 2021 at 9:00 at the Porcupine Presbyterian Church in Porcupine, SD, with Father Peter Klink, S.J. and Lavonne Looking Elk officiating

Burial follows at 12:30 at the Black Hills National Cemetery in Sturgis, SD.

A one-night wake service starts Tuesday, November 2, at 1:00, also at the Porcupine Presbyterian Church in Porcupine

Ruby Esther (Red Eyes) Weston was born on March 6, 1947 at home in Porcupine, SD to Reuben and Thelma (War Bonnet) Red Eyes.  Ruby made her journey to the Spirit World on October 27, 2021 at the Pine Ridge I.H.S. Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD.

Ruby is survived by her daughter, Monica (Will) Weston-Good Eagle; grandchildren, Morgan (Ashley) Weston, Lacey (Nathaniel) Weston, Brandon Weston, Brandi Weston, and Alana Weston; great grandchildren, Aaliyah Weston, Daniel Weston, Christian Weston, Treyson Weston, Skylar Goings-Weston, Tiana Weston, Audrina Goulette, Ariella Cortez, and Aria Jo Cortez; sister, Danielle Fast Wolf; brother, Cecil Red Eyes; hunka son, Jeremy Clyde Blacksmith; and hunka daughter, Monica Tuttle-Goudeau.

Ruby was preceded in death by her parents, Reuben & Thelma Red Eyes; spouse, Robert Weston; son, Erwin Weston; siblings, Donna (Red Eyes) Starr, Eldeana (Red Eyes) Ice, Hildreth Red Eyes, Clarinthia (Red Eyes) Garcia, Ethelen (Red Eyes) Cottier, Myron Red Eyes, and Belinda (Red Eyes) DuBray; and special nephew, Val Maruffo.

Pallbearers will be Scott Weston, Tom Fast Wolf, III, Morgan Weston, Lionel “Beans” Weston, Jerry Horse, Jr., Will Good Eagle, Terry Weston, Jr., and Daniel Weston.

Honorary pallbearers will be White Clay Nursing Home Residents & Staff, Carmen & Silos Arnoda, Sister Annabelle Weston & Family, Danielle Fast Wolf & Family, Theresa & Jerry Lessert, Mary Iron Cloud & Family, Velma Kills Back & Family, Jerry & Mary Horse & Family, Al Pacheco, John Horse, Ben & Alvina Feather, Deb Iron Cloud & Family, Terry Weston, Jr. & Sis Iron Cloud & Family, Bodie Weston & Sandy & Family, Jay & Roz Perisian, Charlotte Weston & Family, Tiny DeCory & Family, Donnie DeCory & Family, Iva Jo Ruff & Family, Lisa Martin & Family, Dwight Weston & Family, Donovan & Dale Youngman & Families, LaVonne Looking Elk & Family, Barb High Bear, Liz Big Crow & Family, Deloris & Keith Curly, Darvis & Carol Weston & Family, Eleanor Two Eagle & Family, Rhonda Two Eagle & Family, Lloyd Bianas & Family, Paul John & Lisa Iron Cloud & Family, Clara Lays Bad & Family, Mary Young Bear & Family, Stephanie Sully, Christi Tobacco & Family, Mary Mousseau, Lorraine Richards, Theresa Claymore, Richie & Francine Little Bear, Calvin & Carla Ghost Bear, Bryan Brewer, Sr. & Family, Ernest Weston & Family, Wayne Weston & Family, Stanley & Sylvia Hollow Horn, Sandra Weston & Family, Edwina Weston & Family, Twila Zephier, Tammy & Tiffany Kills Small, Hope Kills Warrior & Family, Buzzy & Debbie, Derek Bettelyoun, Karen Red Elk & Family, Charlene & Fuey Tasngimama, Darrin & Jolene Bad Heart Bull, Julie Goings, Walter Hernandez, Freida Richards, Freida Brewer & Family, Darby & Lolly Steele, Norma Rendon & Family, Norma Seron, Phillip & Violet Good Crow, Eileen Iron Cloud & Family, Fern Denny & Family, Donna Eagle Bull & Family, Iris Wilson, Donovan Thunder Hawk & Family, Craig Weston, Melvin & Gwen Young Bear, Donna Harris, Casey & Jordan Weston, Derek Weston & Family, Marlin Weston, Jr. & Family, Colby Weston & Family, Kristin Weston-Campbell & Family, Ty Lunderman & Family, Regal Garcia & Family, Anthony Gomez, Darrell Hernandez & Family, Nick Hernandez & Family, Aldon & Margaret Black Bull, Ron & Joy Bush & Family, Vern Weston & Family, Ipsy Iron Cloud & Family, Jeremy Blacksmith & Family, Latrell Blacksmith & Family, Donna Hornbeck & Family, Theresa Mendoza & Family, Julie Yellow Cloud & Family, Crystal Bush & Family, Collette Red Owl & Family, Bill & Doris Hillman, Ryan Jumping Eagle & Family, Tally Plume & Family, Elfreida LaDeaux, Debbie Uses Arrow & Family, Leatrice Big Crow, Cecelia Lamont-Blue Legs & Family, Carol O’Rourke & Family, Wanda Ten Fingers, Laura Craney, Verola Mills, Baby Kurt Pourier & Family, Cheryl White Eyes, Rayette Provost, Violet Robinson & Family, Dillon & Malory Marrufo, Mark Donovan, Billy & Nancy Freeland, Jim & Natalie Hannan Dino & Juanito Head Dress, Darrell Robinson, Hokie Ghost Bear & Family, Kathleen Eagle Elk, Tamika Vocu, Brenda Youngman, Dave Leftwich, Kills Warrior Family, Rowland Family, Has No Horse Family, Lefthand Family, Two Lance Family, Ghost Bear Family, Eagle Elk Family, Eagle Elk Families, Jacobs Family, The Bradfords From Up Bumpy Hill, Black Bull Family, Mesteth Family, Cross Family, Porcupine School, Our Lady of Lourdes, Little Wound School, Thunder Valley Tiospaye, Porcupine Elderly Meals Program, Sister Rita Ostrey, Father Peter Klink, S.J., Prairie Winds Casino, All Students Ruby Taught Over The Years, and All Friends & Relatives.

Special thank you to the staff of the Oglala Sioux Lakota Nursing Home-Tyra Akers, Cindy Allard-Hines, Brittany Backward, Darren Bad Heart Bull, Fredrick Bagola, Janet Barajas, Kashmir Bettelyoun, Trevor Bettelyoun, Samantha Bourne, Lorenzo Broken Rope, Justen Brown, Kimberly Bussey, Cecelia Cisneros, Tracey Coleman, Cathy Combs, Amber Cortier, Jennifer Cottier, Shyla Cottier, Jeremiah Cuny, Michelle Drabbels, Felecia Dreaming Bear, Stacy DuBray, Autumn Eagle Bull, Victoria Eagle Louse, Tracie Gallego, Voniel Gishie, Sandi Imitates Dog, Garry Janis, Rodney Janis, Jaycee Lefthand, Marque Little Whiteman, Golden Long, Charly Long Soldier, Dawn Marshall, Renae May, Laurie McCollam, Portia Means, Sunshine Oines, Elisha Otte, Theodore Pedregon, Orren Provost, Jennifer Rabbit, Chelsea Randall, Kimberly Reddy, Ariana Red Feather, Rhianna Rodriguez, Roberta Rodriguez, Tamera Rosane, Brittany Ross, Lynette Salcedo, Rochelle Shangreau, Tiffany Shangreau, Harriette Sharpfish, Jewel Short Bull, Cortinia Standing Soldier, Emily Standing Soldier, Illea Standing Soldier, Barbara Stouffer, Roberta Stover, Wahpe Towin Tobacco, Wade Vocu, Jennifer Walters, Wilma Watkins, Tessa Whalen, Heather White Face, Jessica Williams, Charmaine Wounded Head, Breanna Yellow Boy, Valana Young Bear, and Maria Zak.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD