Saddle Rock Trail At SBNM Ruled Safe, Reopened

    Scotts Bluff National Monument officials say the Saddle Rock Trail is not threatened by a potential rock slide and have reopened it. 

    The trail was closed after several reports came in of loose and sliding rock above portions of the trail, but Park Ranger Eric Grunwald says a careful examination by Monument staff of the stability of those areas found them to be safe.

      Grunwald is quick to add “as safe as it can be for this time of year” because there’s always some risk of rock fall when you have freezing temperatures at night at thawing temperatures during the day. 

      He says a greater risk is slipping on the ice and snow on the Saddle Rock Trail because none of the trails in the park are maintained during the winter. 

      All the trails at Scotts Bluff National Monument remain open, so Grunwald says the park recommends wearing boots with good tread. He also endorses putting traction devices on your shoes and using trekking poles. 

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