School Board Rolls Over Supt’s Contract

Ginger Meyer

The Chadron School Board has rolled over the first year of Superintendent Ginger Meyer’s 2-year contract. 

       Meyer will complete her first year in June, but as with her predecessors over the past few decades, if the board wants to change or not renew the contract it must act by Feb 15 of the final year – so renewal is traditionally done in Feb. 

      The rollover sets Meyer’s salary at just under $147,000. The board can increase that in the next 2 years without extending the contract.

     The initial contract called for the board to evaluate Meyer twice in her first year and at least once a year after that. Her first evaluation was in Dec and she received generally superior ratings. 

      The few times board members offered any lower numbers they were quick to add that it was because Meyer had been on the job less than 6 months and they didn’t feel there wasn’t enough of a track record in those areas for higher rankings.