School Starting In Chadron, Crawford, And Gordon-Rushville District – Drive With Caution


     Fall classes begin today in the Chadron, Crawford, and Gordon-Rushville school districts.

Each is opening with half-day sessions to help students get adjusted back to school before moving to full days next week.

Local law enforcement agencies reminding drivers to use extra caution because of increased foot and vehicle traffic near schools.

     Chadron Police Chief Rick Hickstein says the start of school also means renewed enforcement of the city’s school zone rules, which were updated and clarified last spring 

Chadron installed 13 new stop signs last spring at 4 intersection near schools as a way to increase student safety by improving traffic flow, keeping drivers attentive, and making it easier for students to cross streets 

      The new stop signs create 4-way stops in front of the Intermediate School on Norfolk at both Mears and Lake Streets, and west of the Primary School on Shelton at both 7th and 8th Streets. 

    Chief Hickstein says there are signs a block before and after the school buildings marking the beginning and end of the school zones, which have a 15 mph speed limit that is in effect from 7:00-5:00 on school days.  

      Hickstein says that covers students coming to school early and those heading home or waiting for parents to pick them up following after-school programs and activities.