Second Guilty Plea In Rapid City Drug Deal Death

 The second of two young Rapid City men charged in connection with killing a Box Elder teen in February has pleaded Guilty to 1st-degree manslaughter.

        20-year old Andre Martinez had originally been charged with 1st-degree robbery and conspiracy in the death of 17-year old Emmanuel Hinton.

       The other man charged, 20-year old Cole Waters, had pled guilty earlier to 1st-degree manslaughter as well after originally facing the same 2 counts as Martinez as well as 1st-degree felony murder. 

      Both face up to 25-years in prison when they’re sentenced at different times on December 18th. 

       Court records from the plea deal Martinez took show that he said he had told Waters he’d gotten a text about a marijuana deal and they agreed to rob the dealers. 

       Martinez said he bought a pistol and showed it to Waters, who refused to give it back and took it to the drug deal in an alley. 

       He said Waters got in an argument with the dealer, who started to drive away quickly. Waters fired and killed Hinton, who was in the passenger’s seat.

        His version of what happened differs a little from the one Waters signed as part of his plea deal. Waters said Martinez pushed the theft plan and that the gun went off accidentally when his arm got caught in the door of the car.