Sewer Line Deal Opens The Way For 3 New Houses In Kenwood

The Chadron City Council has approved a deal that provides a homeowner with a new sewer line – at his own cost – while clearing the way for the placement of 3 manufactured homes in Kenwood.

    When Alex Doescher bought his home on the corner of West Niobrara and North Maple, he didn’t realize the private sewer line ran north underneath a city-owned lot and 2 private lots to connect with the city sewer.

     It became an issue when High Plains Community Development purchased the vacant property as sites for 3 homes but discovered it couldn’t get clear title to the land because Doescher’s sewer ran directly under 2 of the building sites.

      The city-owned lot can’t be developed because it contains multiple utility lines, leading to the proposal to grant Doescher an Easement in Perpetuity to run a new sewer line along the south edge of the property and connect with another city line to the west.

       Doescher paid for a survey of the site and will pay the cost of the new sewer line, leading Chadron Mayor Miles Bannan to say the proposal is a true win-win compromise.

High Plains Community Development has already begun work on the northern-most house, the one not affected by the sewer line, and plans to complete the purchase of the rest of the land as soon as possible.

        The second manufactured home will be brought in as soon as the first is finished with the third to follow. All are 3-bedroom, 2-bath models.