Sharon Clifford

Viewing services for 72-year old Sharon Clifford will be Sunday, November 1, 2020 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM at the Sioux Funeral Home in Pine Ridge, SD, with Waylon Jealous of Him officiating and traditional Lakota Services by Ms Darla Black

Cremation will follow the services

Sharon Kathleen (Twiss) Clifford was born on April 30, 1948 in Porcupine, SD to William Twiss and Bessie Rock. Sharon made her journey to the Spirit World on October 21, 2020 at the Pine Ridge I.H.S. Hospital in Pine Ridge, SD.  

Sharon was born at home in Porcupine to Bessie Rock and William “Billy” Twiss. She spent most of her childhood in Porcupine, SD. While growing up, she enjoyed sewing, crafting, & baking. She attended Brainard Boarding school in Hot Springs, SD, then  Oglala Community School where she graduated High School. 

While in High School, she met the love of her life, Dave C. After high school, they relocated to Oakland, California where they spent a few years of their life. After some time, they moved back to White Horse Creek, SD. 

Sharon worked numerous jobs and had a very exciting life while helping raise her younger siblings and kids. She was known for making Jingle Dresses, grass dance outfits, traditional shirts, Star Quilts, and quill work. 

Sharon is survived by her daughters, Catherine “Sissy” Clifford, Laura (Ken) Mills, and Emma (Shawn) Patton; sons, Oglala Clifford, Jon Cole Clifford, and Colby (Frankie) Clifford; siblings, Louis Jealous Of Him, Sr., Waldron Jealous Of Him, Cheryl Jealous Of Him, Diane Jealous Of Him, Delno Jealous Of Him, Cleo Gates, Angie Clifford, Penny Wolters, Bette O’Rourke, Loren Ray Clifford, and Darrel “Bitzy” True Blood, Sr.; adoptive daughters, Cheryl Good Plume & Colleen Steele; grandchildren, Stephanie Wince, Cody Janis, Raymond Clifford, Jo-el (CJ) Clifford, Kyle Yankton, Tyler (Willene) Clifford, Sara (Jenna) Clifford, Jermiah Clifford, Louis (Nichole) Clifford, Louise (Lane) Clifford, Kenisha Mills, Marjorie Mills, Treyson Twiss, Maddie Clifford, J’Thomas Clifford, Jonathon Clifford, Rae Rae Clifford, Jariah Cottier, Chayton Yankton, Michelle Black Tail Deer, and Martin Black Tail Deer; and numerous great grandchildren.   

Sharon is preceded in death by her parents, Bessie Rock and William “Billy” Twiss; husband, David Collins Clifford; sons, Davey Clifford and Chad Clifford; brothers, Jonathon Twiss, Sr., and CJ Clifford; nieces, Mandy Twiss & Joni Twiss; and grandchildren, Natasha Clifford, Sara Clifford & Alex Jealous Of Him.  

Pallbearers will be Jonathon Twiss, Jr., Daniel Clifford, Ben Wolters, Duane “Ahta” Morgan, Sam Jealous Of Him, Kenny Mills, Shawn Patton, Lane Kills Back, Clarence “CJ” Returns, and Waylon Jealous Of Him.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Rick Two Dogs & Family, Lone Hill Family, Karen Lone Hill, Sandra (Ty) Cuny & Family, Malia & Stevi Fallis, Sone Bear Runner, Amber (Jade) Steele, April Hussman, Bradley & Harper Hussman, Cruz & Perez Deleon, Xavier & Wallace Big Crow, Bean Big Crow, Cassandra, Luca & Steve, Jacinda King & Family, Ann Waln & family, Heather Kelly & Family, Lisa (Donavon) Steele, Lora Catches & Family, Jeffery Catches & Family, Jason Wolters & family, Jerry Palmier, Lisa Palmier & family, Cassandra (Mike) Palmier & family, Christian & Jessica Clifford, Sarah Clifford & Family, Sister , Claire Kelly & family, Twila Ghost, Angela Clifford & Family, Canku & Family, Brandon Clifford & family, Joyce Wheeler & family, Desersa Family, Carla Sleeping Bear & family, Crystal Clifford & Family, Tiara Clifford & family, Henry Clifford & Family, TC Clifford, Loren “Mesu” Clifford Jr, Peggy Sanchez & family, Nakina Mills & family, Sue LaBatte & Family, Creighton “Wayne” Yankton, Cuny Dogg, Dawn (Joey) Cuny, Deb Cuny, , Dawn Hernandez & Family, David Cuny Sr, Yvette Jealous Of Him & Family, Louis (JR) Jealous Of him, Beci Cedar Face & Family, Ruth CedarFace and Family, Daphne Janis, Waylon (Anna) Jealous Of Him, Louis Whalen, Lori & Josiah Whalen , Lacy Whalen & family, Jessica Twiss & family, Cristen Twiss, Tanya Twiss & family, Michelle Twiss & family, Sherri Twiss & family, Deann Twiss, Tonia “Tony” Twiss, Bianca Jealous Of Him, Quanita Murrufo & Family, Wally Jr Jealous Of Him, Tanya Jealous Of Him, Hakekta Jealous Of Him, Waunsila Winyan, Anya Big Road & Family, Frida Big Road, Suzy Pettigrew & family, John Pettigrew & Family, Ruby Clifford & family, Maxine Clifford & family, Pam Clifford & family, Charli Jo Clifford & family, LaHoma Crazy Thunder & family, Dennis Red Elk, Betty Bad Bear & Luck Returns & family, Marlita Bald Eagle & family, Elizabeth Belt & family, Donna Snider, Edgar Bear Runner & Family, Ramon Bear Runner & Family, Leola Bear Runner & Family, Julian Bear Runner, Kevin Steele and Family, Darla (Rick) Swain & Family, Rosie Friere Singing Horse Trading Post, Richard “Dick” Bad Milk, Lois “Chick” Frazier, Bertie Yankton, Tony (Lenora) Goose, Florence “Sissy” Goose & Family, Mark Goose, Desirae Clifford & Family, Alex White Plume & family, Paul Plume, Matt Plume, Michelle Clifford & Family, Josh Steele & Family, Garf Steele & Family, Rosie Ladeaux & Family, John (Anna) Steele & family, Danielle Iron Cloud-Two Eagle & Family, Gene “Popcorn” Tyon, Dusty Nelson, Maria Provost, Gaelynn West Over, Agnus Standing, Lisa Looks Twice & Family, Lavonne Mesteth & family,  Darla Black, Manderson Cap Office, OST Public Safety, OST Dispatch & EMS, OST Head Start, Porcupine School, All AIM members, the Longest Walk Members, and All Friends & Relatives.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD