Sharon Little (Has No Horse) Two Crow

Funeral services for 74-year old Sharon Little (Has No Horse) Two Crow are Monday, July 27, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the Two Crow residence in the Wakpamni Lake Community with Lay Minister Anthony Wounded Head officiating and traditional Lakota services by Mr Richard Broken Nose

Burial Services will be at the Feather On Head Family Plot, Wakpamni Lake, SD

A two-night wake service starts Saturday, July 25, 2020 at 4:00 PM, also at the Two Crow residence in Wakpamni Lake Community.

Sharon Little (Has No Horse) Two Crow “Te’hilapi Win” was born June 1, 1946 to the late Dawson Has No Horse, Sr. and Emily (Feather On Head) Has No Horse of Wakpamni Lake Community; Pine Ridge Sioux Indian Reservation.

Sharon graduated high school from Oglala Community School in 1965. She loved to cook; she took pride in her work history – secretary for tribal programs and the local public school; Community Health Representative, post office clerk for the U.S. Postal Service, and guide for elderly programs operating on the Pine Ridge Sioux Reservation by non-Lakota friends.

Her primary passion was focused on children’s health, child protection, and helping elderly diabetics. She loved powwow dancing and was a fancy shawl dancer in her day and enjoyed watching her grandchildren dance and going to school to participate in all learning opportunities and school sports.

She claims that traditional Indian women anywhere now wear modern clothing, but explained that she and others are “modern Oglala Lakota woman who practice the Lakota culture and speak the Lakota language.”

She worked ten years for the Oglala Lakota College Headstart Program. During this time, she was awarded Cook of the Year 2007. Also, she studied and studied and earned the South Dakota Safe Serve Certificate. It certainly was a very happy moment for her.

The following list are relatives she proudly honored through Spiritual Eagle Feather Tying Ceremonies and Christian Baptism: Kimberly Left Hand, Brookly Ann Red Owl, Nora Blue Bird, Misty Brave, Irmina Red Owl, Sioux Dawn Iron Crow, Aliyah “Rosie” Two Lance, Angelina Lebeau, Danielle Conroy, Shaynna Red Owl, Nora Blue Bird, and Mari Jo Ferguson, Candace Metcalf, Faith Richard, Koby Morriset, Lynell Buffy Young, Samantha Pucket, Miracle Jean Brown Bull, Vanessa Quintana, and Eldridge Grinnell.

Sharon survived by Robert Two Crow (husband) and their children: Elgin (Sherry) Head, Regina (Dave) Big Crow, Donovan (Ann) Has No Horse, and Delane (Faye) Has No Horse. Grandchildren: Byron, Cory, and Kylee Head, Calsee and Brittny Has No Horse. Molina and Catalina Ferguson and George Washington Has No Horse. Great grandchildren: Lilianna Jordon Pretty Voice Crane, Stormy Dawson Head, Elise Monroe and Piercin Robert Gutierrez, Harper Haze Hussman and Dawson Lewis Backward. Also Mari Jo Richards, Saven Yazzi and Hugo, Miami, and Nico Ferguson. Her bother’s children: Dawson, Amber and Emily.

Two surviving siblings are a sister Shirley (Levi) Left Hand and a brother Sidney (Poxie) Has No Horse. Two Aunts: Ramona Means and Althea Dodson.

In her journey to the spirit world she joins her parents, her two brothers Donroy and Dawson Has No Horse, Jr. Maternal Aunts from the Feather on Head side of the family: Sara Two Lance, Lydia Little Whiteman, Amelia Yellow Thunder, Carrie Conquering Bear and Wilson Running Shield and her maternal and paternal grandparents.

In celebrating the beautiful life of Sharon the following list of relatives will carry her to her final resting place: David Bush Big Crow, Chris Eagle Hawk, Frank Thunder Horse, Harold Salway, Hermus Red Horse, Darrell Brown Bull, Steve Her Many Horses, Elroy Cross, Guy Red Owl, Sam O’Rourke, Brian Charging Cloud, Tim Has No Horse, Scott Weston, Daniel Bull Bear.

Her “special Lady Friends” include Cheryl One Feather, Jacki (Garnette) Hernandez, Faith Richard, Janis One Feather, Evelyn Red Owl, Sandra Black Bear, and Joyce Eagle Hawk, Lois White Whirlwind, Karen White Butterfly, Dianne (Winters) Clifford Family, Fermina (Red Owl) Quintana, Della Thunder Hawk, and other friends throughout Indian country.

Honorable Relatives & Friends
Fred and Janet Stands Family, Alvin Has No Horse, Jr, Dante Shangreaux, Steve & Lolita Dubray, Felice, Carmelita, Tom, Luke, and Isabelle Dubray (Garland Not Afraid) Family, Philomene Lakota, Sylvia Tobacco Family, Wesley Big Crow Family, Deb Morrisette Family, Bernadine Blue Bird, Racine Raines, Patrick Lynch Family, Marvin & Jackie Richard Family, Dale Richard Family, Mercy Makes Good and Rhonda Tall Man, Arlene Tall Man, Rowland Apple Family, Levi & Shirley Lefthand Family, Derek and Iva Left Hand Family, Jarret Left Hand Family, Don & Connie Lebeau, Vincent Two Lance, Jr Family, Rick & Cleo Palmier Family, Buzi Two Lance & Family, Stacey Two Lance Family, Wilma Standing Bear Family, Rudy Lancaster, Chris Handboy, Nick and Melanie Estes Family, Sandy Two Lance, Patrick Yellow Hair, Nancy Rouillard Family, Seymour Young Dog Family, Dwight & Sonia Little Hawk-Weston Family, Norma Brown Bull Family, Lavae Red Horse, Kelly & Suzy Looking Horse Family, Sam O’Rourke Family, Locke Families (Kyle & Porcupine), Warfield Moose Jr Family, Norma Moose Family, Alvin Iron Cloud Family, Gilbert Jumping Eagle Family, Reggie Lopez Family, Rueben Hernandez Family, Betty Black Crow Family, Ben and Alvina Conquering Bear Family, Rick Grey Grass Family, Dwight and Sandra Black Crow Family, Mary Lou Black Crow Family, Art Has No Horse Family, Jonathan Long Soldier, Robert and Phinet Red Owl Family, Keith Horse Looking Horse, Rosie Freier, Roberta Jumping Eagle Spencer Family, Ned Metcalf Family, Her Many Horses Family (Pine Ridge/Rosebud), Mike Adams, Walt & Nancy Hernandez Family, Brandon Donnelly, Lynn Hernandez Family, Barbara Basketfield, Karen Cummings, Diane Doughman, Jackie Dunn, Mike Shavings,Mary & Jennifer Irving Family, Milton Around Him Family, Linda Bull Bear Family, Carmelita One Horn Family, Bailey & Justina One Horn Family, Austin & Lisa Watkins Family, Wanda Buckman Family, Hope Cross Family, Milton and Cecile Bianas Family, Travis and Clovia Brave Bird Family, Troy Brave Family, Tony Brave Family, Johnson and Shirley Bear Robe Family, Lexi Shields Family, Cory & Joni Black Feather Family, Vana and Sage Blacksmith, Byron, Lisa, (Sidney) Bear Robe Family and The Kyle Health Center Staff, Wakpamni Lake Powwow Committee, Powwow People and Dancers, Little Wound Sports (Go Mustangs) and Creekside (Tim & Bull), Crazy Horse (Charley & Myron), Sons of the Oglala and all local drum groups.

(Many, many other important relatives and/or friends may not be listed)

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD