Shayna Youngman Afraid of His Horses


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Funeral services for 17-year old Shayna Youngman Afraid of His Horses are Sat, Feb 26, 2020 at 10:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala, SD, with Donovan Youngman officiating and traditional Lakota services by Michael Catches Enemy Sr.

Burial is at the Tobacco Family Cemetery near Pine Ridge, SD

A two-night wake service starts Thurs, Feb 24, 2022, at 3:00 at Brother Rene Hall in Oglala.

Comes from Tiospaye: Iron Cloud Tios’paye, Tapio Tios’paye, Young man Afraid of His Horses Tios’paye, Catches Tios’paye, Tobacco Tios’paye, Descendant of Stephan Standing Bear, Peta Yuha Mani, and family of Pte Waku Sundance.

Shayna Louise Youngman Afraid of His Horses “Tasiyagnunpa Hihani Lah’ci Lowan Win” made her journey to the Spirit World on February 11, 2022, near Manderson, SD.

Shayna was born on June 13, 2004, in Omaha, NE to parents, Denae Tapio and Gavin Youngman Afraid of His Horses. She was an adorable, beautiful baby. People encouraged her mother to enter her into baby pageants and she often won. 

She was very inquisitive always mindful and thoughtful of others and of family dynamics, she wanted everyone to love honor and respect each other, Children were naturally drawn to her, she loved all. She was especially close to Aben and Abilene and called them her “babies.” 

After her family moved home from Omaha they lived with her Unci (Grandma) Sylvia on Tobacco Road. Shayna loved all the simple pleasures; spending time with her Unci at inipi (sweat-lodge), Sundance, driving her, singing, laughing, cooking and sewing. 

Spending time with her dad and mom and sister Gracie, she cherished their family time together, so much. She loved to babysit her nieces and nephews and chat with her friends. 

Shayna had a connection to all her cousins male and female, and she looked up to and relied on her Poppa Chris and all her uncles, in particular Gip, Jr. DJ, AB and Uncle Mike. 

She touched so many lives, she was everybody’s baby.

Shayna is survived by her mother, Denae M. Tapio, father, Gavin W. Youngman Afraid of His Horses; sister, Gracey Mariah Youngman Afraid of His Horses; grandparents, Connie & Patrick Tapio, Sylvia Tobacco, and Christopher Whiting; and aunts & uncles, Jenna Tapio, Samantha Tapio, Demi Tapio, Deborah (Jake) Tobacco-Little; Dawn (Yamni) Frank; Evans (Juanita) Youngman; Donovan Youngman, Gideon Youngman, and Alec Morgan, Jr.

Shayna joins her family in the spirit world; Special aunt “Auntie Dee” her grandparents, Evans Youngman, Sr., Wilmer Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Sr., Wendell Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Sr., Darrell ‘Timps’ Tobacco, Sylvester ‘Ezzard’ Tobacco, Stephanie ‘Tink’ Tobacco-Sitting Holy, Steve Jonesy Iron Cloud, Sharon Iron Cloud, Patty Jean Iron Cloud, Robert “Tote” Iron Cloud, Jr., Shirley Lee, Delbert Tapio, Shirley & G-Wayne Tapio, Jackie Mousseau, and Cassie Steele; great grandparents, Caroline Catches-Tobacco, Stephen ‘Psin’ Tobacco, Rose Star Comes Out-Catches, and Robert and Louise (Jones) Iron Cloud; Great Grandparents Pugh and Etta Youngman Afraid of His Horses.

Pallbearers will be Aben Morgan, Evans Youngman III, Jake Youngman, River Youngman, Larenz Spotted Wolf, Noah Cuny, Cully J. Pourier, Lester Iron Cloud, Laticia Vigil, Danielle Tobacco, Evie Etta Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Nevaya Cuny, Isabella Cuny, Timoni Janis, Rhianna Brewer, and Wah’pe T’o Win.  

Honorary pallbearers will be Arthur Vitalis, Steven Vitalis, Alban Vitalis, Sr., Gary Dean(Nicole) Pourier, Jr., Saige Pourier, Tasina Hocoka Was’te Win, Wanbli Gles’ka, Gabriel Means, Portia Means, Anpo To Win Jensen, Marilyn Frank, Caroline Frank, Keanan Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Joie Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Donovan Youngman Afraid of His Horses II, Hayden Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Lucy Jean Youngman Afraid of His Horses, Abilene Morgan, Ashley, Samuel, Lewis, Ethan, & Mia Tobacco, Anja Wright, Essence Tobacco, Diyari & Marvin Amiotte-Tobacco, Sharon, Adeline,& Ahliviyah Weston, Loni, Karter, &Koby Weston, Jessica & Michael Pettigrew & Family, Vern Weston, Jr. & Family, Joni Tobacco & Family, Stevie & Tyler Little Finger & Family, Jody Bird Head & Family, Dylan Tobacco, Mary Tobacco, Ann Marie Amiotte, Tiffany (Frank)Sitting Holy/Goings & Family, Tina Sitting Holy & Family, TyAnn Sitting Holy & Family, Tara Sitting Holy & Family, Tracey Sitting Holy & Family, Tyrell Sitting Holy & Family, Genovevo Nolan Saucedo, Daryl Saucedo & Family, Tyson Saucedo & Family, Oscar Saucedo & Family, Brandy Saucedo/Richards &Family, Felizia Saucedo & Family, Dallas Tobacco, Legend Tobacco, Mike(Whisper) Catches Enemy, Michael Catches Enemy, Jr. & Family, Larissa Catches Enemy, Wakinyan Catches Enemy, Hehaka Catches Enemy, Tatanka Catches Enemy, Sage Catches Enemy, Kinyan Catches Enemy, Wanbli Catches Enemy, Laura Catches Enemy, Aiden Tobacco, Vilique Fallis, Josiah Tilsen, Jeffrey Catches Enemy, Waktekeka Catches Enemy, Miley Catches Enemy, Lariah Spotted Wolf, Rosalin Spotted Wolf, Chance & Chase Spotted Wolf, Ashlynn & Taylynn Red Cloud, Ryan Pourier, Melissa Iron Cloud, Amanda Iron Cloud, Leslie Zimiga, Tracey Zimiga, Cy & Beau Patton, John George Waters, Margaret Hernandez & Family, Hannah & Zoey Pettigrew, Lacey Clifford, Lacey Rodriguez, Grandma Marlene Wilson & Family, Grandma Robyn Tapio & Family, Letoy Tapio & Family, Grandma Cleo Black Feather & Family, Grandma Norma Roubideaux & Family, Mary Jo Clifford-Tapio & Family, Jeannie Good Crow & Family, Betty Tapio-Wilson & Family, Lolly Steele & Family, Darby Steele & Family, Calvin Ghost Bear & Family, Dave Michaud & Family, Grandma Dorothy Tobacco & Family, Grandma Nola Tobacco-Saucedo & Family, Grandpa Russell Sitting Holy, Jr. & Family, Grandpa Steve Tobacco & Family, Grandpa Donovan Youngman Afraid of His Horses & Family, Grandma Yvonne Crow & Family, Grandma Brenda Youngman & Family, Dreaming Bear Family, Grandma Kay (Provost) Belt & Family, Grandpa Pat Carlow & Family, Grandpa Joe Catches, Grandma Meg Watson, Mni Wacipi Win Sak, Grandma Cindy Catches, Grandpa Andy Runion, Oyuhpe Tokala Earl Tall, Frank Star Comes Out and All Extended Friends & Relatives

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD