Six Dawes County Good Neighbor Certificates


By Con Marshall

Six Dawes County Good Neighbor certificates will be presented during the Agricultural Hall of Fame Awards program Sunday, July 31 starting at 2 p.m. in the Grandstand at the Country Fairgrounds in north Chadron. 

Good Neighbor awards were given statewide by the Knights of Ak-Sar-Ben and Omaha World-Herald for years, but were discontinued.  Many Dawes County folks were honored through it.

Since good deeds are still taking place in the county, the Fair Board and Hall of Fame Selection Committee have revived it.   

              Certificates sponsored by Associated Brokers of Chadron will be presented. Those receiving the honors and the nominators follow:

              Tom and Lee Detwiler

              Tom is a true gentleman while helping people here at Prairie Pines. When he sees a need he acts on it. He helps people who are having trouble playing bingo, he helps people get out of their chairs, and pushes those who are in wheelchairs. He also gets up and pours coffee, stacks up the dishes and he passes out the song books for the Sunday church services. Lee is always by his side, smiling and nodding her approval. They’ve long been good neighbors to many. Bill and Darlene Yantzi were their nominators

              Janel Dexter

              She’s everybody’s helper.  She helps those who have a need that needs fixed. In particular, she often takes over for those who want to help others but have physical limitations that hampers them. Janel will carry out the plan.  She also has a knack for discovering where and when help is needed, and acts on it with no recognition for herself. These kindnesses also carry over to animals.  She’s a critter-lover, animal medic and food provider. Del and Aletta Hussy submitted the nomination.

Ron and Lue Jensen

              During the past 40 years Ron and Lue have gone above and beyond on countless occasions to take care of not only my problems but also those of many others. Ron’s Repair has extended the service lives of millions and millions of dollars worth of trucks, tractors, vehicles, implements, contraptions and inventions, all at very reasonable rates. He’s kept us in the trees, farmers and ranchers in the fields and truckers and others on the road. Ron and Lue are exceptional good neighbors. Their nominator was Kenny Groves, nominator

Gary and Rosemarie Meradith

  During the past 12 years, Gary and Rosemarie have donated approximetly 200 tons of hay during our Chadron State College rodeo to help feed the livestock, which includes the broncs, the bulls and the calves and steers for the timed events.  This has been a huge contribution and a great help to our rodeo program.  Their generosity is appreciated more than I can put to words.  Dustin Luper, CSC rodeo coach, nominator  

Al, Connie and Dane Rasmussen

              When we have a problem, we know our neighbors, the Rasmussens, will help. I recently fell in my kitchen and couldn’t get up. Dale was not home. I used my cell phone to call Al. He rushed over and picked me up. Another time, I called and Al was in Rapid City. He called his son Dane to come to my rescue. When it snows, Al and Dane are here to plow and shovel us out. If we need to take a vehicle to town to be worked on, Al will bring us home and take us back to town to pick it up. Also, Connie often brings some delicious food. Dale and Phyllis Eitemiller were their nominators

Bill Riggs

              Bill is a children’s/4-H advocate. He teaches and encourages youths with leather and 4-H projects.  He spends many hours at 4-H horse camps and other gatherings where he teaches, trains and leads.  He provides many of the supplies that are utilized. Sometimes he is reimbursed for them, but his time and transportation are gifts. He notes that watching youths react to their finished products are his reward. Bill is a caring, compassionate contributor. Del and Aleta Hussy were his nominators