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Smith Agrees With Trump On WHO Funding, Not USPS Funding Denial

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nebraska 3rd District Republican Congressman Adrian Smith told a conference call with reporters this week that he agrees with President Trump on the World Health Organization but not on the U-S Postal Service.

Trump has halted U-S funding for the WHO until an investigation is held into the organization’s actions during the COVID-19 outbreak, especially early on, and Smith said he thinks it’s an appropriate move since taxpayer money is involved.

Smith said “the WHO has not been as helpful given this pandemic, or even before it was ruled a pandemic, they were not as helpful as they could’ve been and so I think it’s very appropriate that the President aggressively gets to the bottom of this.”

As for the postal service, the Trump Administration has denied it bailout funding. Smith said he supports the agency because it provides a vital service to citizens and small businesses, especially those in more rural areas.

Smith acknowledged a need for changes and reforms, but said now is not the time because the postal service is a vital part of life for millions of Americans during the Pandemic – explaining that mail order and local businesses are both using it more with so many people under stay-at-home orders. .