CSC’s Hinojosa 3rd at 197 at Super Region VI Tourney


Chadron State College sophomore Eli Hinojosa placed third at the NCAA Super Region VI wrestling tournament on Sunday.

The 197-pounder from Imperial, Nebraska, went 3-1 in his bracket, with his only loss coming to No. 6 Joseph Reimers of Nebraska-Kearney.

Chadron State finished seventh as a team, out of seven participating teams in the region. New Mexico Highlands, San Francisco State, and Simon Fraser did not participate.

Because the region was reduced to seven teams, the NCAA deemed that only 17 student athletes, rather than the 30 who qualified last year, would be sent from the region to the national championships.

Consequentially, the Eagles’ 53-year streak of national qualifiers is very much in jeopardy. The 17 qualifiers will almost certainly include 10 regional champions, and almost certainly seven runners-up.

Hinojosa arrived at his bronze finish by defeating his first-round opponent 8-3, before losing to Reimers by fall in the semifinal. His first consolation win was another 8-3 decision, and he won his third place match 5-2.

Hinojosa was unable to wrestle again for second place by rule, because he had previously lost to Reiners, the loser in the championship match.

The other two placers for CSC were Joe Ritzen, at 141 pounds, and Rowdy Pfeil, at 174.

Ritzen lost his first match 10-4, then defeated his first consolation opponent, 9-5. He lost his third place by fall, to settle for fourth.

At 174 pounds, Pfeil was the top-seeded wrestler in the bracket and ranked No. 5 in the nation. He was caught off-guard by Elijah Valdez of CSU-Pueblo and lost 13-4 in his first round match. Pfeil pinned his next two opponents in consolations, before a 7-1 loss to Ryan Fidel in the third place match ended his season with a fourth place finish.

Preston Renner went 1-2 in the tourney at 157 pounds, marking the only other win for the Eagles on Sunday. He defeated Ruben Garcia of CSU-Pueblo 3-2 in consolations.

At heavyweight, Mason Watt lost his opening round match 4-1 against Nebraska-Kearney’s Lee Herrington, 4-1. Watt was unable to continue due to injury. Herrington went on to win the regional title.

CSC individual results:

Parker Mcbride (Colorado St.-Pueblo) 1-2 dec. Tate Stoddard (Chadron St.) 2-7 (Dec 4-0)
Christian Lopez (Colo. Sch. of Mines) 4-2 dec. Tate Stoddard (Chadron St.) 2-7 (Dec 8-4)

Patrick Allis (Western Colo.) 2-1 dec. Joseph Taylor (Chadron St.) 3-6 (Dec 11-7)
Collin Metzgar (Colorado Mesa) 7-4 dec. Joseph Taylor (Chadron St.) 3-6 (Dec 9-6)

Wesley Rayburn (Colo. Sch. of Mines) 2-3 dec. Joseph Ritzen (Chadron St.) 4-6 (Dec 10-4)
Joseph Ritzen (Chadron St.) 4-6 dec. Angel Flores (Adams St.) 1-2 (Dec 9-5)
Dean Noble (Western Colo.) 4-1 pinned Joseph Ritzen (Chadron St.) 4-6 (Fall 7:13)

Gavin Melendez (Colorado St.-Pueblo) 3-1 MD Sebastian Robles (Chadron St.) 3-6 (MD 11-2)
Jason Hanenberg (Western Colo.) 2-2 dec. Sebastian Robles (Chadron St.) 3-6 (Dec 2-0)

Dylan Udero (Adams St.) 1-2 dec. Preston Renner (Chadron St.) 5-5 (Dec 4-0)
Preston Renner (Chadron St.) 5-5 dec. Ruben Garcia (Colorado St.-Pueblo) 0-2 (Dec 3-2)
Carter Noehre (Colo. Sch. of Mines) 5-1 dec. Preston Renner (Chadron St.) 5-5 (Dec 7-2)

Aaden Valdez (Adams St.) 1-2 MD Tate Allison (Chadron St.) 2-7 (MD 13-5)
Skyler Lykins (Colo. Sch. of Mines) 4-2 MD Tate Allison (Chadron St.) 2-7 (MD 8-0)

Elijah Valdez (Colorado St.-Pueblo) 1-2 MD Rowdy Pfeil (Chadron St.) 8-3 (MD 13-4)
Rowdy Pfeil (Chadron St.) 8-3 pinned Cole Hernandez (Western Colo.) 0-2 (Fall 4:31)
Rowdy Pfeil (Chadron St.) 8-3 pinned Gavin Davy (Adams St.) 1-2 (Fall 1:29)
Ryan Fidel (Colo. Sch. of Mines) 5-1 dec. Rowdy Pfeil (Chadron St.) 8-3 (Dec 7-1)

Austin Eldredge (Neb.-Kearney) 13-1 TF Joseph Renner (Chadron St.) 1-8 (TF-1.5 2:32 (18-2))
Cody Lewis (Adams St.) 1-2 pinned Joseph Renner (Chadron St.) 1-8 (Fall 4:45)

Eli Hinojosa (Chadron St.) 8-3 dec. Ben Gould (Colorado St.-Pueblo) 0-2 (Dec 8-3)
Joseph Reimers (Neb.-Kearney) 12-2 pinned Eli Hinojosa (Chadron St.) 8-3 (Fall 4:17)
Eli Hinojosa (Chadron St.) 8-3 dec. Cole Gustavson (Adams St.) 0-2 (Dec 8-3)
Eli Hinojosa (Chadron St.) 8-3 dec. Kris Davis (Western Colo.) 2-2 (Dec 5-2)

Lee Herrington (Neb.-Kearney) 9-5 dec. Mason Watt (Chadron St.) 4-5 (Dec 4-1)
Gabriel Carranza (Colorado Mesa) 5-5 Inj. For. Mason Watt (Chadron St.) 4-5 (Inj. For.)