Eagles Show Promise During Intrasquad Meet

Phot Courtesy: Con Marshall, CSC Sports Info

Members of the Chadron State College track and field team got in a decent workout and also had fun competing against one another Saturday during its intrasquad meet in the Nelson Physical Activity Center.

And, Head Coach Riley Northrup said he saw some promising results as his athletes wrapped up the first semester, and he hopes they’ll pick up where they are leaving off when they return in January for the second semester.

The college’s fall semester wraps up Wednesday, a decision that was made last summer when everyone was trying of figure out how to best cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2004, the Eagles’ track team has had a meet the first week in December, then spent the holidays at their homes and returned for the second semester in early January.

Hopefully, a full schedule of meets can be arranged for the 2021 seasons both indoors and outdoors, something Northrup is still working on. When the schedules are set, he thinks the Eagles will have some good results.

He said the top marks in the sprints and jumps were especially impressive Saturday.

Sophomore Carlie Collier of Thedford won the women’s 60-meter dash in 7.98 seconds and freshman Morgan Fawver of McCook won the men’s race in 7.02. The coach called their times “splendid for this early.”

Northup also said Collier’s 300-meter time of 42.18 seconds was “quite impressive.” She was one of two double winners during the meet.

Osvaldo Cano of Oshkosh defeated nine teammates to win the men’s 300 in 36.41 seconds.

Fawver edged senior Javan Lanier of Aurora, Colo., for first in the men’s 60. Lanier, who last year ran the 60 in 6.80 seconds, good for sixth all-time on the CSC list, was timed in 7.09.

The other double winner was highly-regarded sophomore Naishaun Jernigan of Springfield, Mass. He tripled jumped just once, going 48 feet, 5 inches while using only a half approach to the board.

Jernigan was the runner-up in the triple jump at the 2020 RMAC Indoor Meet by going 49-3. The only CSC triple jumper to ever exceed that distance is Isaac Grimes while he was on his way to runner-up honors at the 2019 Division II National Indoor Championship by going 51-8 ½. Northrup thinks Jernigan may also exceed 51 feet during the 2021 season.

Both Jernigan and Lanier went 22-11 in the long jump, but Jernigan had a better second jump and was the event winner. Fawver also had an impressive mark of 22-5 while using just half the runway for his approach. Northrup said he believes all three could reach 24 feet in 2021.

Fawver won the Class B-6 District Meet’s long jump by going 22-10 as a junior at McCook High in 2019. Like all other college freshmen this year, he did not get to compete last spring since the outdoor season was cancelled because of the virus.

Northrup also thinks high jumpers, sophomore Joe Dumsa of Sandy, Utah, and redshirt freshman Alec Penfield of Lusk, Wyo., will excel this year. He said both had “great attempts” at 6-7 on Saturday after both cleared 6-4 before the bar was raised three inches.

There was close competition in both of the throws during the intrasquad meet.

Three inches separated the women’s winners in both the shot put and weight throw. Courtney Smith of Rock Springs won the shot at 38-11 ¾ and Becca Monahan of Cheyenne captured the weight at 46-11, with the other one placing second. Both are sophomores.

In the men’s competition, freshman Parker Gonser of Windsor, Colo., won the shot at 44-11 ½ and sophomore Shane Collins of Bison, S.D., was second by two inches. The weight throw was won by freshman Dan Reynolds of Granby, Colo., while Collins was second by 2 ½ inches.

Gering products won both mile runs. Freshman Tukker Romey was the women’s winner in 5:40.83 and sophomore Logan Moravec won the men’s race in 4:31.08.

The Black team claimed the women’s competition by a 57.5 to 42.5 points margin while winning six of the 10 events. The Black-clad men’s team won seven of those 10 events, but the White team used its depth to post a 55.5-51.5 verdict.

There was a major disappointment at the meet. Standout Brodie Roden of Riverton, Wyo., tweaked a hamstring during workouts last week and didn’t compete. Among his highlights as a sophomore last winter was winning both the 200 meters in 21.81 seconds and the 400 in 47.93 at the RMAC Indoor Meet en route to being named the outstanding male athlete.

Northrup said during workouts this fall, Roden’s times have been faster than they were a year ago.

The results follow:

Women’s Events

60 meters–1, Carlie Collier, Black, 7.98; 2, Michaela Hill, Black, 8.27; 3, Celeste Cardona, White, 8.37; 4, Caitlyn Mueller, White, 8.92.

300 meters–1, Carlie Collier, Black, 42.18; 2, Michaela Hill, Black, 43.71; 3, Celeste Cardona, White, 44.70.

1600 meters–1, Tukker Romey, White, 5:40.83; 2, Sydney Settles, Black, 5:55.59; 3, Audrey Grinnan, White, 6:01.19; 4, Kassyl Gunwall, Black, 6:18.45.

60 meter hurdles–1, Julianne Thomsen, Black, 8.55; 2, Parker Mooren, Black, 9.90; 3, Caitlyn Mueller, White, 11.11; 4, Christie Hannah, White, 13.63.

Shot put–1, Courtney Smith, Black, 38-11 ¾; 2, Becca Monahan, White, 38-8 ¾; 3, Julianne Thomsen, Black, 35-5 ¼; 4, Christie Hannah, White, 33-1 ¾.

Weight throw–1, Becca Monahan, White, 46-11; 2, Courtney Smith, Black, 46-8.

Long jump–1, Christie Hannah, White, 16-8; 2, Jourdaine Cerenil, Black, 16-6; 3, Julianne Thomsen, Black, 15-5; 4, Austin Alexander, White, 15-3

Triple jump–1, Jourdaine Cerenil, Black, 34-2; 2, Austin Alexander, White, 33-0.

High jump–1, Destiny Pelton, White, 5-0; 2, Jourdaine Cerenil, Black, 5-0; 3, Christie Hannah, White, 4-10; 4, Miranda Gilkey, Black, 4-10.

Pole vault–1, Kaylee Wach, Black, 11-0; 2, Kristie Hill, White.

Men’s Results

60 meters–1, Morgan Fawver, White, 7.02; 2, Javan Lanier, White, 7.09; 3, Naishaun Jernigan, Black, 7.14; 4, Val Cano, Black, 7.21.

300 meters–1, Osvaldo Cano, Black, 36.41; 2, Morgan Fawver, White, 36.59; 3-4 tie, Harley Rhoades, White, and Ozzy Cano, Black, 36.83.

1600 meters–1, Logan Moravec, White, 4:31.08; 2, Garrett Avery, Black, 4:39.11; 3, Jayson Caudell, White, 4:44.72; 4, Joaquin Venzor, White, 4:46.82.

60 hurdles–1, Dylan Francis, Black, 8.42; 2, Pete Brown, Black, 9.02; 3, Logan Peila, Black, 9.28; 4, Dylan Soule, White, 9.49.

Shot put–1, Parker Gonser, Black, 44-11 ½; 2, Shane Collins, White, 44-9 ½; 3, Reid Spady, White, 43-8 ½; 4, Daniel Reynolds, White, 41- ¼.

Weight throw–1, Daniel Reynolds, White, 47-11 ¾; 2, Shane Collins, White, 47-9 ¼; 3, Parker Gonser, Black, 41-2 ¼; 4, Reid Spady, White, 40-1 ½.

Long jump–1, Naishaun Jernigan, Black, 22-11; 2, Javan Lanier, White, 22-11; 3, Morgan Fawver, White, 22-5; 4, Emory Yoosook, Black, 22-1.

Triple jump–1, Naishaun Jernigan, Black, 48-5; 2, Joss Linse, White, 44-6; 3, Javan Lanier, White, 43-8; 4, Ismael DePaulitte, White, 39-10.

High jump–1, Joe Dumsa, Black, and Alec Penfield, White, 6-4; 3, Pete Brown, Black, 6-0.

Pole vault–1, Pete Brown, Black, 13-1 ½; 2, Dylan Soule, White, 12-0.

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