Sioux County Still Seeking First Win

Ritchie Gutierrez goes up for a layup against Lusk Saturday. Photo by Kerri Rempp

The Sioux County Warriors are still searching for their first win of the year after suffering two more losses to Arthur County and Lusk.

The Lusk Tigers scored in double digits in three quarters to clinch a 55-20 victory Saturday in Harrison. Action started off slow as the Tigers earned an 8-2 early lead but heated up in the second quarter when they assembled a 15-4 run over the Warriors. Lusk didn’t let up after the break, adding 18 to the board and continuing its pressure on defense to hold the Warriors to four. Cy Hughson led the Warriors with seven points, followed by Ritchie Gutierrez with five and Shane Gluth with four.

The Warriors saw similar struggles on offense in Arthur County Thursday night when the Wolves defeated them 39-21. Arthur County allowed just two points by the Warriors in the entire first half and took a comfortable 25-2 lead into half-time. The second half was more closely matched, as Sioux County put together an 8-3 run in the third, and each team added 11 to the board in the final eight minutes. Still, the early deficit was too much for the Warriors to overcome. Tucker Monroe led the Warriors with six points, followed by Michael Sanderson with five.

Arthur Co           16          9            3            11          -39

Sioux Co             2            0            8            11          -21

Sioux Co Scoring: Tucker Monroe, 6; William Skavdahl, 3; Shane Gluth, 2; Michael Sanderson, 5; Sam Skavdahl, 2

Sioux Co             2            4            4            10          -20

Lusk                     8            15          18          14          -55

Sioux Co Scoring: Cy Hughson, 7; Ritchie Gutierrez, 5; Shane Gluth, 4; Tucker Monroe, 2; Jacob Lair, 2