Two Place At Younes Hospitality Open


Two Chadron State College wrestlers placed and one defeated a highly ranked opponent for the first time, at the Younes Hospitality Open at the University of Nebraska-Kearney on Saturday.

“It was great seeing our older and younger guys compete today,” said CSC Head Men’s Wrestling Coach Brett Hunter. “We saw some good and some bad, and we expected to see that. This week, we will continue to grow and progress.”

True freshman Darwin Hull placed fifth in the Amateur bracket at 174, after posting two pins and two major decisions to get to the championship semifinal. After a pair of losses, his opponent in the fifth place match presumably ran into the match limit, and Hull was awarded the win.

The other placer was Harrison Gocke at 149 pounds in Amateurs. He scored two falls, one major, and two decisions to go 5-1, but ran into his match limit after securing his placing to finish sixth, officially.

The big individual win of the day came in the Elite brackets at heavyweight, where CSC’s Mason Watt upset No. 5 Lee Harrington of Nebraska-Kearney. The match went scoreless through three minutes, before Watt started in the bottom position to begin the second period. He escaped in less than a minute, then took his opponent down three more times in the match to win an 8-5 decision.

Watt, who was injured after his second-round win by fall was previously 0-4 against the No. 1-ranked Lopers’ varsity heavyweight.

Freshman Keegan Gehlhausen was 5-1 at 174 pounds in the Amateur bracket, winning three of those matches by fall.

Kobe Lepe and Rowdy Pfeil both went 4-2 in the Amateur brackets at 133 and 184 pounds, respectively.

Preston Renner went 3-2 in the Elite bracket at 165 pounds, while Dean Neff, Seth Simants, and Terry Winstead were also 3-2 in their Amateur brackets.

Winstead’s sole loss in a full, regulation-length match, before he was injured, was to the No. 7 junior college wrestler at 285 pounds, Devon Dawson from Pratt Community College.

CSC will return to the mats November 27, in Laramie, Wyoming, at the Cowboy Open next weekend.

Individual CSC results:


Laken Boese (Mary) dec. Joe Ritzen (CSC) (Dec 9-3)
Bradley Bitting (Air Force) dec. Joe Ritzen (CSC) (Dec 5-2)


Preston Renner (CSC) MD Issiah Burks (Concordia (Neb.)) (Maj 11-2)
Preston Renner (CSC) dec. Thomas Tolbert (New Mexico Highlands) (Dec 7-2)
Hunter Mullin (Western Colorado University) dec. Preston Renner (CSC) (Dec 3-1)
Preston Renner (CSC) won by injury default over Elijah Valdez (Colorado State University – Pueblo) (Inj. 4:29)
Leo Mushinsky (Mary) dec. Preston Renner (CSC) (Dec 3-2)


Matt Kaylor (Mary) MD Eli Hinojosa (CSC) (Maj 8-0)
Angel Verduzco (Baker (Kan.)) dec. Eli Hinojosa (CSC) (Dec 10-5)


Mason Watt (CSC) dec. Lee Herrington (Nebraska-Kearney) (Dec 8-5)
Mason Watt (CSC) pinned Tyler Jenkins (Colby Community College) (Fall 2:34)


Yusef Nelson (CSC) MD Moo Soe (Pratt Community College) (Maj 14-4)
Eric Griego (Colorado State University – Pueblo) pinned Yusef Nelson (CSC) (Fall 6:00)
Benjamin Schmitz (Morningside (Iowa)) dec. Yusef Nelson (CSC) (Dec 6-5)


Kobe Lepe (CSC) dec. Braden Ledford (Ottawa University) (Dec 9-7)
Kobe Lepe (CSC) pinned Skyler Hunt (Northwest Kansas Technical College) (Fall 3:56)
Kobe Lepe (CSC) dec. Drew Arnold (Nebraska-Kearney) (TB-1 5-2)
Josh Kyle (Wyoming) MD Kobe Lepe (CSC) (Maj 11-0)
Kobe Lepe (CSC) dec. Marquis Kemp (Otero Junior College) (Dec 11-4)
Gabriel Howard (Briar Cliff (Iowa)) won by medical forfeit over Kobe Lepe (CSC) (MFF)


Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) dec. Cael Figueroa (Adams State) (Dec 9-3)
Cyruss Meeks (Colorado State University – Pueblo) dec. Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Dec 6-1)
John Masopust (Unattached – Colorado Mesa U) MD Skyler Geier-Dodson (CSC) (Maj 12-4)


Hunter Gilmore (CSC) pinned Carson Jensen (Western Wyoming College) (Fall 4:41)
Conor Goucher (Colorado State University – Pueblo) dec. Hunter Gilmore (CSC) (Dec 5-4)
Hunter Gilmore (CSC) dec. Isaac Ortega (Minot State) (Dec 5-4)
Kelby Armstrong (Minot State) dec. Hunter Gilmore (CSC) (Dec 4-2)


Harrison Gocke (CSC) dec. Trystan Berry (Hastings (Neb.)) (Dec 9-6)
Ryan Scherber (Mary) dec. Harrison Gocke (CSC) (Dec 3-1)
Harrison Gocke (CSC) pinned Gavin Patterson (Western Wyoming College) (Fall 4:57)
Harrison Gocke (CSC) pinned Braydon Lemuz (Pratt Community College) (Fall 2:48)
Harrison Gocke (CSC) MD Gabriel Ojeda (Minot State) (Maj 10-2)
Harrison Gocke (CSC) dec. Angel Flores (Adams State) (Dec 8-4)


Bryce Boumans (Northwest Kansas Technical College) MD Chance Bockenstedt (CSC) (Maj 11-3)
Chance Bockenstedt (CSC) pinned Niko Mayo (Colorado School Of Mines) (Fall 5:53)
Chance Bockenstedt (CSC) dec. Steven Aranda (Midland (Neb.)) (Dec 3-2)
Maximus Brabson (Western Colorado University) dec. Chance Bockenstedt (CSC) (Dec 8-7)


Abraham Dirkx (Morningside (Iowa)) pinned Dean Neff (CSC) (Fall 2:40)
Dean Neff (CSC) TF Andy Garza (York (Neb.)) (TF 18-2)
Dean Neff (CSC) MD Fernando Luna (Colorado State Univeristy ) (Maj 14-0)
Dean Neff (CSC) dec. Brayden Roman (Western Colorado University) (Dec 12-6)
Payton Anderson (Augustana (SD)) dec. Dean Neff (CSC) (Dec 7-6)


Cael Johnson (Baker (Kan.)) MD Stone Durham (CSC) (Maj 12-4)
Stone Durham (CSC) pinned Jonathan Carr (Northwest Kansas Technical College) (Fall 1:01)
Collin Smith (Western Wyoming College) pinned Stone Durham (CSC) (Fall 2:13)


Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Jarin Gomez (Central Christian College (KS)) (Fall 5:26)
Guillermo Escobedo (Wyoming) dec. Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) (Dec 8-2)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Caleb Watson (Morningside (Iowa)) (Fall 0:43)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) dec. Remington Winmill (Colorado State University – Pueblo) (Dec 6-4)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Seth Simants (CSC) (Fall 1:37)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) dec. Roger Carranco (Central Missouri) (Dec 9-4)


Darwin Hull (CSC) MD Caleb Watson (Morningside (Iowa)) (Maj 11-1)
Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Zaire Ridley (Doane University) (Fall 1:16)
Darwin Hull (CSC) pinned Cannon Potts (Minot State) (Fall 0:55)
Darwin Hull (CSC) MD Kamyn Stonebraker (Unattached – Colorado Mesa U) (Maj 12-0)
Gage Hockett (Wyoming) dec. Darwin Hull (CSC) (Dec 5-2)
Dante Roggio (Mary) pinned Darwin Hull (CSC) (Fall 4:55)
Darwin Hull (CSC) won by forfeit over Garrett Bakarich (Colorado School Of Mines) (FF)


Seth Simants (CSC) TF Lorenzo Esparza (York (Neb.)) (TF 18-1)
Seth Simants (CSC) TF Miguel Lara (New Mexico Highlands) (TF 18-3)
Gage Hockett (Wyoming) TF Seth Simants (CSC) (TF 20-0)
Seth Simants (CSC) dec. Hunter Weimer (Concordia (Neb.)) (Dec 11-9)
Keegan Gehlhausen (CSC) pinned Seth Simants (CSC) (Fall 1:37)


Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) pinned Edward Nelson (Unattached – Colorado Mesa U) (Fall 3:57)
Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) pinned Xavier Schecter (Ottawa University) (Fall 0:30)
Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) MD Julius Johnson (New Mexico Highlands) (Maj 15-6)
Dylan Vodicka (Nebraska-Kearney) dec. Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) (Dec 8-2)
Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) dec. Danny Reynolds (Augustana (SD)) (Dec 12-5)
Andrew Wenzel (Air Force) pinned Rowdy Pfeil (CSC) (Fall 1:53)


Branson Britten (University of Northern Colorado) TF Ryder Fuchs (CSC) (TF 16-0)
Corey Dawe (Wayne State) pinned Ryder Fuchs (CSC) (Fall 1:26)


Jake Swirple (Minot State) dec. Gavin Peitzmeier (CSC) (Dec 9-3)
Gavin Peitzmeier (CSC) pinned Brenick Hoppe (Morningside (Iowa)) (Fall 5:44)
Terry Winstead (CSC) won by forfeit over Gavin Peitzmeier (CSC) (FF)


Terry Winstead (CSC) dec. Ayston Perez (Barton) (Dec 4-1)
Devon Dawson (Pratt Community College) dec. Terry Winstead (CSC) (Dec 4-2)
Terry Winstead (CSC) won by forfeit over Gavin Peitzmeier (CSC) (FF)
Terry Winstead (CSC) dec. Kaden Montano (Western Wyoming College) (Dec 4-3)
Koby Johnson (Western Wyoming College) won by injury default over Terry Winstead (CSC) (Inj. 1:51)


Jake Boley (Nebraska-Kearney) MD Parker Schlater (CSC) (Maj 12-2)
Parker Schlater (CSC) MD Jeremy Horn (Otero Junior College) (Maj 24-12)
Parker Schlater (CSC) pinned Charles Holub (Colorado School Of Mines) (Fall 2:47)
Levi Malcolm (Mary) pinned Parker Schlater (CSC) (Fall 4:19)

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