Dawes County Museum


The Dawes County Museum, just south of Chadron, really had its start back in about 1880…. as the settlers followed the fur trappers. Life was tough. The farming and ranching practices that had worked so well on the eastern side of the Mississippi and Missouri just didn’t work here in NW Nebraska. The many displays at the Dawes County Museum are not only a testament to those struggles, but also toathe ingenuity developed by our predecessors to overcome those obstacles and be successful.

2022 in particular is a year of a number of noteworthy events in that the Museum will be a part of the Nebraska Tourism Passport Program starting May 1st and in June, the Museum will be hosting the Smithsonian Museum Crossroads Display which will have a large number of exhibits that will more specifically explore how rural America has, time and time again, adapted to significant economic and demographic changes. This year, we’ll see you at the Dawes County Museum 308-432-4999

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