Rough ‘n’ Refined


Rough ‘n’ Refined is a new café that opened on April 11th and Linda and I were fortunate to be on hand for the opening. Now if you’re thinkin’ that you may have eaten at the Rough ‘n’ Ready before, you’re probably right in that Linda and her family have operated a highly-regarded, seasonal street vendor stand in Lusk for years. As of this month, the same entrees you loved before have simply moved inside.

Breakfast ” Lunch, cowhand offerings with a south of the border influence along with soups, salads and sides. I also had a homemade poppy seed muffin that was the kind that you write home about. Currently open weekdays, the next time you’re thinkin’ you’ll be in Lusk , give the folks at Rough ‘n’ Refined a call at 307-310-1856 for a table.

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