State Revenue 19.2% Over Projections In Sept; Up 11.7% For Fiscal Year To Date

 Nebraska had $625-million dollars in net tax revenue in September, $100-million dollars or 19.2% over projections.

       Net receipts from the 3 main tax categories – sales and use, individual income tax, and corporate income tax – were above estimates while miscellaneous taxes were less.

     Individual income taxes brought in $302.2-million dollars, $48.7-million or 19.2% over projections while corporate income taxes of $130.7-million were $53.6-million or 69.4%  more than expected.

       Sales and use taxes topped the certified forecast by 5.1% or $8.6-million at $177.8-million while miscellaneous taxes missed projections by 40% or $10-million at $15-million. 

      Nebraska has collected $1.484 billion dollars so far in the fiscal year, which began July 1. That’s 11.7% or $155.9-million higher than the projection set in April by the Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board.