State Senators Claim Neb Education Dept Site Promoted Critical Race Theory Through A Link To A Link To A Link Removed 4 Months Ago

     A group of 5 conservative Republican Nebraska State Senators, including Steve Erdman, is calling for an investigation into the state Department of Education for – in their view – promoting “critical race theory,” but agency officials deny the allegation.

     Spokesman Senator Dave Murman told a new conference the state’s Launch Nebraska website on reopening schools after the pandemic included a link to a document subtitled “Resisting The Right Wing Attacks On Critical Race Theory.”.

      Department spokesman David Jespersen says the link to the document was never directly on the state website and was removed 4 months ago when the governor’s office called it to the attention of officials, which a spokesman for Gov Pete RIcketts confirmed

       Murman admitted later in the news conference that one of their staffers in June found a link to a New York University center for culturally responsive education and after “2 or 3 clicks” on that website they found the critical race theory document.

    Asked by reporters why the senators waited 4 months to call for an investigation, Murman said they needed more time – but he later acknowledged that a call for an investigation might affect next month’s State Board of Education races.

     Commissioner of Education Matthew Blomstedt, who is stepping down in January, criticized the senators for holding a news conference without ever reaching out to the department to discuss or address their concerns.

      He also criticized an unnamed media site for not verifying the senators’ claims and didn’t contact the department until within an hour of publishing – and then only to ask for a comment.. 

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