Statewide Tornado Drill Wed Morning March 23


 This is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Nebraska and today is the annual statewide tornado drill.

        It begins at 9:00 with the mock warning going out over the radio at 9:30, the game time warning sirens will go off across the state with the 3-½ minute steady tone reserved for tornadoes.

       In Dawes and Sioux Counties, there will also be a Code Red test warning sent to area telephones. 

      Chadron 911 supervisor Gale Kittell says Severe Weather Awareness Week is an important time for individuals and agencies to get ready for tornado season.

      For emergency services, it’s a chance to test local sirens and response plans.  Kittell says it’s also a chance for schools, business, hospitals, and long-term care facilities to practice going to their safe rooms so everyone knows what to do.

      He hopes families take advantage of the week to review their own plans for emergencies such tornadoes, fires, and floods or to create a plan if they don’t have one – adding that every family should have a preparedness kit as well as a plan.