Stella Rain and Ella Rose Yankton-Clifford


Stella Rain and Ella Rose Yankton-Clifford, stillborn infant daughters to Frankie Villarreal and Colby Yankton-Clifford, made their journey to the Spirit World on June 30, 2024 at the Monument Health Hospital in Rapid City, SD.

Stella and Ella are survived by their mother, Frankie Villarreal; father, Colby Yankton/Clifford; brothers, Cassidy Yankton, Rodney Richards, Jr., Francisco Richards, Tylynn Yankton, Dustin Yankton, Wyatt Villarrel, Raymon Yankton, and Bryson Janis; grandparents, Francesca Villarreal, Terrance Roy, Angie Clifford, Percy White Plume, Karrie Yankton, Craig and Sophie Yankton, Kaden Ghost, and Jeanuelle Twiss; great grandparents, Cynthia Plenty Arrows, Imogene Roy, Penny Wolters, George Looks Twice, and Wanda Thayer; uncles, Clayton, DJ, and Cruz Gibbons, Cory Yankton, Chance Clifford, and Kyle Yankton; aunts, Michelle Black Tail Deer, Chelsea Shangreaux, Rashaun Palmier, and Payton One Feather. Stella and Ella were preceded in death by their maternal great grandparents, Carol Looks Twice and Francisco Villarreal, Sr.; grandmothers, Lucetta Villarreal and Corrina Villarreal; grandfather, Francisco Villarreal, Jr.; uncles, Cole Villarreal, Jordan Seda, and Eric Rodriguez; aunts, Regina Romero and Johnni Rae LaDeaux; paternal great grandparents, Dave and Sharon Clifford; grandfather, Chad Clifford; and aunt, Sarah Clifford. Pallbearers will be Daniel Villarreal, Clayton Gibbons, Corey Yankton, and Chance Clifford.

Honorary pallbearers will be Nunpa and Erica White Butterfly/White Plume & Family, Zuya and Maria Ramirez/White Plume & Family, Eldwin and Leslie Pawnee Leggins/Steele & Family, Payton One Feather, Christian LaDeaux & Family, Ohinyesa and Devin Long Crow, Jovita Seda, Lucy Seda, Ramona White Plume & Family, Lisa and Gordy Looks Twice & Family, Roberta & Sam Spencer & Family, Karen and Dave Pourier, Tony White Butterfly & Family, Blossom Johnson & Family, Monica and John Whirlwind Horse & Family, Rick and Darla Swain, Tamara Villarreal & Family, Patricia Villarreal & Family, George Villarreal & Family, Yolanda Villarreal & Family, Rico Seda & Family, Leo Villarreal & Family, Seda Family, Donovan and Lisa Steele & Family, Clifford Family, Looks Twice Family, Jumping Eagle Family, DeLeon Family, DeSersa Family, White Plume Family, Little Dog Family, Lone Hill Family, Brown Bull Family, Spotted Bear Family, Sleeping Bear Family, Black Tail Deer Family, Pawnee Leggins Family, Shoulder Family, Roy Family, Gibbons Family, Richards Family, Apple Family, Provost Family, Wolters Family, Wounded Knee District School Staff & Students, The Wonderful Staff at Monument Health, and All Friends & Relatives.

A one night wake service starts at 3:30 PM on Friday July 5, 2024 at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson, SD. Evening services start at 6.

Funeral Service will be at 1 on Saturday July 6, at the Wounded Knee District School in Manderson with Burial at the St. Agnes Catholic Cemetery.