Stuart “Cool Hand” Dreaming Bear Sr

Funeral services for 45-year old Stuart “Cool Hand” Dreaming Bear Sr are Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 1:00 at the Dreaming Bear residence in Lakeside-Oglala, SD, with Sister Barb Bogenschutz officiating and traditional Lakota services by Patrick Ross

Cremation will follow the services with burial at a later date

A two-night wake service starts Monday, October 25, at 11:00 also at the Dreaming Bear residence in Lakeside-Oglala.

Stuart “Cool Hand” Dreaming Bear, Sr. was born on January 2, 1976 in Pine Ridge, SD to Victor Dreaming Bear and Phyllis Ten Fingers-Dreaming Bear. Stuart made his journey to the Spirit World on October 17, 2021 at the Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls, SD.

Stuart is survived by his wife, DeAnna Dreaming Bear; sons, Stuart (Brittany) Dreaming Bear, Jr., Drace Dreaming Bear, Eugene Chief Eagle, Sheldon He Crow, Robert Two Two, and David Rogers; siblings, Harold “Pickles” Dreaming Bear, Harland “Mullins” Dreaming Bear, Sr., Walter “Frog” Dreaming Bear, and Cleo Black Feather; nieces & nephews, Angel “Itchy Moo’ Dreaming Bear, Emma “Hammer Head” Dreaming Bear, Samuel “Sammy Joe” (Dana) Blacksmith, Harland “Wiggly” (Jasmine) Dreaming Bear, Jr., Felecia “Skuya” (Gene) Dreaming Bear, Aloysius “Magoo” Dreaming Bear, DeAmbra “Stinky” (Steven) Dreaming Bear, Terran “Terran Faye” (Eugene) Dreaming Bear, Collene “Coco” (Aaron) Dreaming Bear, Angela “Baby Ang” (Richard) Dreaming Bear, Fernando “Ferni” Dreaming Bear, Autumn Dreaming Bear, Deidre “Caca Butt” Dreaming Bear, Kimberly White Face, Samantha “Sam” Dreaming Bear, Shaina Dreaming Bear, Kelsey White Face, Diondre White Face, and Lloyd “Yamni” White Face; and 36 grandchildren.

Stuart was preceded in death by his parents, Phyllis Ten Fingers-Dreaming Bear and Victor Dreaming Bear; siblings, Anita “Vi” Dreaming Bear, Fernando “Cops” Dreaming Bear, and David “Baby Boy” Dreaming Bear; and niece, Tracy (Trace) Dreaming Bear.

Pallbearers will be Shaw Sierra, Sam Bravo, Lloyd Elk, Tyler Yellow Boy, Eugene Chief Eagle, Robert “Baby Mouse” Morrison, Sinte Nelson, Frank Ghost, Curt Morrison, Robert Her Many Horses, and Frank Rapp.

Honorary Pallbearers will be Wendall Youngman, Jr. & family, Louella Youngman & family, Lisa Youngman & family, Stacey Youngman & family, Maka Moves Camp, Mitchell Stands & family, Evans Youngman, Jr., & family, Orville Belt & family, Orin (Tiny) & family, Bill (Connie) Ten Fingers, Richard “Croc” & Cheryl Ten Fingers & family, Tony Ten Fingers & family, Sherri Ten Fingers & family, Denise “Niecey” & family, Delores Ten Fingers & family, Wanda Ten Fingers & family, Timothy Bores A Hole & family, Danny Tobacco & family, Marion “Frybread” Warrior, Kyle Yankton & family, Kalvin Spider, Loneman Eagles Class of 1989, Red Cloud Crusaders Class of 1993, Bernard Running Eagle & family, Matthew Running Eagle & family, AV Fire Thunder & family, Luci Fire Thunder & Family, Leah Fire Thunder & family, Christine Provost & family, Rex & Darlis Crow, Brings Him Back Boys, Bodie Morrison, Wambli Clarke, Serena Belt & family, Brian Kindle, Lloyd “Ears” Rouillard & family, Mike Carlow, Pat Carlow, Cass Waters, Virginia Yankton & family, Julie & Kim Trivillian & family, Andy Her Many Horses, Steve Wilson & family, Riley Rapp, Zach Rapp, Jordan Tobacco, Iva Tobacco & family, Rosie Hump Pulliam & family, Antonio Pulliam & family, Sody Pulliam & family, Kelly Pulliam, William Pulliam & family, Mickey Bradshaw, Lois White Whirlwind, Lena Belt & family, Emerald Elk & family, Cece Shangreau & family, Isaac Two Lance, Louella Two Lance & family, Sonny Wilson & Boys, Tarz Wilson, Sanford Health Care Staff, Nurses, & Adam, ST POSSE: Chet Crow, Curt Crow, Jason White, Clarence Rouillard, Jr., Conway New Holy, Joe Lafferty, Clifford Running Hawk, DuWayne Iron Crow, Mac Hinton & family, Isaac Running Bear, Foster Jensen, and All Friends & Relatives that we may have forgotten.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD