Study Finds Many Drone Sightings “Mistaken Identity”

DENVER, Colo. (AP) – An official investigation into reports of large drones flying in groups over the western U.S. plains in the hours after sunset has confirmed nothing illegal or out of the ordinary.

The Colorado Dept of Public Safety says the majority of reports have proven to be hobbyist drones, commercial aircraft, stars, planets, or weather phenomena.

The department has been using a heat-detecting plane to try to corroborate reported sightings as they come in, but said Tuesday it will scale back those flights while continuing to look into new reports.

If history is any guide, the investigation will settle nothing for many people.

Dan Carlson says drones have flown after dark near his Nebraska farm 4 times this year. He suspects military involvement, but Air Force officials overseeing dozens of nuclear missiles scattered across western Nebraska, southeast Wyoming, and northeast Colorado deny it.

Law enforcement agencies in eastern Colorado and much of Nebraska have been taking calls about unusual drone sightings for over a month. Drones described as big as cars have been said to fly back and forth after sundown, generally in groups of 6-to-10.