SWANN Board Agenda Sept 17, 2020

September 17, 2020

1-Roll Call
2-Open Meetings Act
3-Approval of Agenda
4-Approval of July 16, 2020 Meeting Minutes
5-Approval of Claims/ Budget for July, 2020
6-Approval of Claims/ Budget for August, 2020
7-Request by Mr. Joseph Applegarth to Address the Board Regarding SWANN Assessments Against His Property at 415 Lake St, Chadron, NE for Non-Payment of SWANN Charges.
8- Resolution 2020-08 : Removal of Hilliker Assessment Against PID 810124718
9- Resolution 2020-09 : Removal of Rawles Assessment Against PID 810165966
10–Director’s Report
a-Cell #3 status
b-Tire Amnesty Application
c- Recycling Status
d- Covid 19 procedures
11- Executive Session (if necessary)
12- Agency Business
13- Adjourn