Fish Tank Starter Kit


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$ 100.00
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Top Fin tank with extra filters specific to the tank and extras not specific to the tank from PetSmart. Heater from Walmart. Wood hide from PetSmart. SpongeBob pineapple from Walmart. 3 piece fake plants from Walmart. Water conditioner from PetSmart. API QuickStart from PetSmart. Water test strips and ammonia strips from Walmart. Ammonia clear tablets (not opened) from Walmart. Net from Walmart. Thermometer from Walmart. Fake leaf hammock from PetSmart. Three containers of Betta food (two different kinds) from PetSmart.

Everything unless written has been used very little, almost brand new. Tank has been used for less than a month. Just wasn’t meant to be a fish mom 🤦🏽‍♀️ I tried!

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