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These little polar bears born March 11th are looking for employment. They will work for room and board. A building to get into if the weather is really bad, an old manure pile in the summer or a big snow hill in the winter to survey their territory from. Maybe a nice water hole to wade into on hot summer days. Dog food is good and bonuses of table scraps are appreciated. They would like a flock or herd of their own to watch over and some coyotes to chase away. On the job training is a must but they do come from a line of working Great Pyrenees/LGD’s so they have a good foundation to work with. People flocks are good too as long as it’s understood they will bark at the butterfly a mile away out the window if they feel it’s a threat to you and You don’t teach them it’s not. Snuggling on the couch or bed is appreciated. No lap is too small for them. A good vacuum and de shedding tool is a necessity. A few acres or at the least a fenced in yard and daily walks are also a must. They will settle for living in doors as long as you understand they like to go out frequently, even if it’s raining and muddy or blizzarding. Especially if it’s blizzarding!! In return you won’t have to worry about your livestock/family/kids or house as your Great Pyrenees will have their backs. They will provide love even if you’re having a bad day and appreciate it if it’s reciprocated. They do have to give Mom at least a weeks notice before moving out but can start anytime after that. If you have an opening on your ranch, hobby farm or home for one of these guys please text me at 701-626-1003.

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