The Big Event Is Back At CSC

     Today is the 9th annual The Big Event at Chadron State College, a day of community service by students, faculty, and staff to say “thank you” to Chadron and its residents for all their support.

       Since the campus was closed and all courses online-only at the time, last year’s The Big Event was a virtual one with volunteers picking their own projects where they were and posting them online.

        It’s more or less back to normal this year with 43 jobsites around the Chadron area and over 300 volunteers including Nebraska State College System Chancellor Dr Paul Turman, who is coming out from Lincoln.  

       Faculty Advisor and CSC professor Dr Shaunda French-Collins says lingering COVID-19 protocols presented unique challenges to students making up the Big Event staff. She says they had to get creative to set up smaller job sites to meet social distancing rules and to have enough personal protection equipment. 

       The volunteers will check-in at the Chicoine Center starting at 8:00 with the work projects running from 9-till-noon when the volunteers will gather together for lunch scheduled for Memorial Park. 

      Community members have a chance to help out on one Big Event project – restocking the food pantry at the Closer To Home meal program, which operates out of the Masonic Temple at 4th and Main. Non-perishable food items are being accepted there from 9-till-noon.