Thomas “Bad Cob” Poor Bear

Funeral services for 66-year old Thomas “Bad Cob” Poor Bear are Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 11:00 AM at the Wanblee Hohpe Powwow Grounds in Wanblee, SD, with the Rev Robert Two Bulls officiating and traditional Lakota services by Richard Moves Camp.

Burial services are at the Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery in Wounded Knee, SD

A one-night wake service starts Tues, Dec 22, 2020 at 2:00 PM at the TNT Building in Wanblee, SD

Thomas Richard Poor Bear  “O’kte Suta”  (Hard To Kill) was born on December 11, 1954 in Chicago, IL to Enos Poor Bear, Sr. and Mabel Red Shirt.  Thomas made his journey to the Spirit World on December 13, 2020 in Greeley, CO.  

Tom is survived by his children, Evangeline Poor Bear of Surprise, AZ, Howard (Angie) Burritt and Pete (Sharlinda) Felix both of Rapid City, SD, Chris Bettelyoun of Gallup, NM and Charles Poor Bear of Pine Ridge, SD; hunka son, Richard “George” Ecoffey of Rapid City, SD; siblings, James (Francine Red Willow) of Wanblee, SD, Willardene Lewis of Scottsdale, AZ, Enos (Ursula) Poor Bear of Martin, SD, Harold Dean Salway of Rapid City, SD, Alex Salway of Martin, SD, Ben (Marla) Black Elk of Pine Ridge, SD, Marlene Poor Bear and Freida Poor Bear both of Rapid City, SD, Michelle Poor Bear of Martin, SD, Owen Black Elk of Pine Ridge, SD, and Iva Black Elk of Hot Springs, SD; hunka brother, Bill Means; and grandchildren, Thomas, Sara, Kimberly, Keera, Takoda, Bexli, Cashus, Lilyana, and Alberto (Yamni).

Tom was preceded in death by his parents, Enos Poor Bear, Sr. and Mabel Red Shirt; son, Robert Cole; brothers, Webster Poor Bear the first, Wilson “Wally” Black Elk, Jr., Loren Black Elk, and Webster Poor Bear the second; sisters, Evangeline Black Elk and Lavern Three Stars; nephews, Joe Red Willow, David “RC” Black Elk and Jody DuBray; nieces, Annie Colhoff, Shelly Poor Bear, Tessie Dawn Dillon; hunka father, Wilson Black Elk, Sr.; hunka mother, Theodora Means; and hunka brothers, Russell, Ted, and Dace Means.

Pallbearers will be Hank Means, Gene “Popcorn” Tyon, Steve Hernandez, Andrew Poor Bear, Donald “Cuny Dog” Cuny, Luke Ponds, Deynon Red Willow, Thomas Felix, Thomas Wayne Poor Bear/Dillon, Curtis Temple, Mike Carlow, Sr., David Pauly, Jacob Martin, and Kris Black Elk.                                                                                                                                    

Honorary pallbearers will be all Clyde Bellecourt, Bill Means, Richard “Dick” Marshall, Joe Bat Richards, Charlie Abourezck, Chuckles Janis & Family, Darrell “Bitzy” Trueblood, Bob Pat Richards, Gummer Garnier, Thomas “Tom Bull” Waters, Phillip Good Crow, Leonard Peltier, Mitch Zephier, Jim Dowty, Jerry Mousseaux, Donnie Pourier, Jim (Jackie) Colome, Dean “Andy Capp” Brewer, Virgil “Chugg” Two Eagle, Ed (Bonnie) Randall, Barbara Dull Knife & Family, Alex & Percy White Plume, The Family of Russell & Ted Means, Mario Gonzalez, Bat (Patty) Pourier, Michael Brewer, Tony Tibbitts, Pat & Ella John Carlow, Craig Dillon, Dickie Moves Camp, Leonard Crow Dog, Lenny Foster, Tony Gonzalez, Jack McGee, Jay Varnier, Jennifer Baker, Gary Ruse, Uncle Robert Two Bulls, Charles Janis, Wilma Colhoff & Family, Tom (Carla) Cheyenne, Jim & Jay Livermont & Family, Stanley Young, Sr. & Family, Bob Amiotte & Family, Norma Rendon & Family, Jean Roach, Wayne Randall & Family, Angie Dull Knife & Family, Leonard Lamont & Family, Marvin, Marvina, & Jenny Lamont & Family, Madonna Thunder Hawk, Mabel Ann Phillip, Lorilei Decora, James (Dawn) Hawk, Justin Pourier, Cora Yellow Elk, Ike & Cark Standing Bear, Russell & JD Flye, Ron Two Bulls, Byron (Alice) Wilcox, Lakota & Travis Harden, Sheila, Paula, Janice & Carol Wilcox, Chuck Wilcox, Doug O’Bryan, Jesse & Kim Claussen, Paul & Fred Cedar Face, True Brings White, Alberto (Donna) Salomon & Family, Mary Poor Thunder, Pete Red Willow & Family, Gina Red Willow & Family, Coleen Bettelyoun & Family, Terry Little Whiteman, Lynnette Charging Crow, Jewel Moor, Tow (Gwen) Cuny & Family, Seth (Amelia) Black Bear, Jed (Caroline) Bettelyoun, Terry Goings, Tamara True Blood, Babe Little, Pete Cappessella, Bruce Elison, James Two Crow, Elton, Cheryl, & Rhonda Three Stars, Rosie & Corn Beane, Emma Waters, Ron & Elroy Cross, Mary, Francine, & Clara Cedar Face, John Carlson, Frank Paro, Flip Wilson, Skinny Colombe, Sam O’Rourke, Richard Iyotte, Judy Merdanian, Iris Wilson, Marvis & Mavis Wilcox & Family, Gup (Raedean) Red Shirt, Boy Winters, Terry Two Bulls, Terry (Monica) Romero, Tuna (Melinda) Oldson, Tom Goings, Mark (Tony) Goose, Sinte Nelson, Atta Jack, Chips Family, Ashley Family, Romero Family, Quiver Family, Black Elk Family, Brown Family, Red Elk Family, Bear Runner Family, Waters Family, Rooks Family, Brown Family, Janis Family, Merrival Family, Blaine Little Thunder, Wes Hawkins, Larry Bettelyoun, Heather & Donna Red Willow, Paul Valandra, Paul Joseph, Eagle Nest Drum Group, Ron ‘Beef’ Randall, Reggie and Toggie Little Killer, Jerry Livermont, Zimiga Tiwahe(Wanbli), Al & Ferdinand Romero, Mesteth Family, Sitting Up Tiwahe, Orlando & Bill Morrison, Fred Witt, Dick Bald Eagle, Jack Family(Wanbli), Michelle Red Willow, Standing Soldier Tiwahe, Pumpkin Seed Tiwahe, Conroy Family (Wanbli) Jim Richards, Rodger & Twila Amiotte, Gerald Bush Family, Iron Cloud Tiwahe(Pahin Sinte), Robert Charging Crow, Russell Zephier, Richard Bad Milk , Dave Archambault, Jane Rodriquez, Bruce Ellison, Mason Big Crow, Bryan Brewer, Helene Gaddie, Faith Spotted Eagle, Indian Cowboy Alliance,  Bold NE and the Bandidos and Relatives & Friends.

Arrangements entrusted with Sioux Funeral Home of Pine Ridge, SD