Top Enlisted Advisor To Wing Commander At Ellsworth AFB Removed For Inappropriate Conduct

      The top non-commissioned advisor to the commander of the 28th Bomb Wing at Ellsworth Air Force Base just east of Rapid City has been removed from his post for what officials describe as inappropriate conduct. 

     Chief Master Sgt. Justin Deisch was the wing command chief and responsible for advising the Wing commander on the effective utilization, professional development, training, readiness, and welfare of the nearly 3,200 enlisted personnel at the base.

     Base commander Colonel Joseph Sheffield issued a statement saying Deisch showed behavior that demonstrated a lack of the respect, judgment and professionalism expected of a senior non-commissioned officer. 

     Colonel Sheffield said “all airmen should be treated with dignity and respect, and senior leaders should set the example for subordinates by exercising sound judgement and decision-making both on and off duty. 

      Sheffield and other base officials declined to give any details on what led to Deisch’s removal. Ellsworth is the home to the 28th Bomb Win, the largest B-1 bomber combat wing in the Air Force.